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Consequences of Love - Sulaiman Addonia - Book Review

     It was my holidays after 12th standard Board Exams and one random day my cousin sister and I decided to go to British Council Library , Chennai,  to lend some books, and there my cousin sister's eye fell on this book( as she usually picks up unknown authors ). She also had an affinity towards this book cause the author's name was my namesake. She was the first to read this and pass it on to me and there was no looking back once I started this.
     Here is my review for the book - Consequences of Love - Sulaiman. Y.M.S Addonia

    Before I start, let me tell you- this is Sulaiman Addonia's debut novel. The story is quite simple as it revolves around the life of a Eritrean Refugee, Nasser, who has recently moved to Jeddah ( a city with complete Islamic law, where any one exempting the Sharia law were given capital punishment ) along with his brother to work under his uncle. Unhappy with his life there, remembering his mother and his past, A splash of colour arrives in Naser’s world when, unexpectedly, a small love note is dropped at his feet from a woman whom he as neither seen before or heard before. She intermediates him that she will wear a pair of pink shoes everytime she passes so that he can pick her out easily from the rest of the women in their respective abayas. Erotic tension runs high; as Naser and his ‘habibati’( whome he describes as Fiore)  begin to exchange letters through different channels . But in moments of doubt the pink shoes seem to lead him into  tears of thwarted desire, loaded with danger cause relationships between unmarried men and women was illegal – and it’s not long before their real life, but illicit love,  faces the hardest test of all…

     The central love story is really gripping, sensation and makes your heart beat. The love between Fiore and Nasser was sweetly penned and showed the refreshing innocence and sweetness in the character. I personally felt the authors skill and presentation of portraying his readers with a poetic and romantic environment of forbidden love can be compared to the greatness of Shakesphere. I could see so much of love and depth in emotion in every page I turned. While reading the book I was at the edge of my seat feeling the devotion and breathing the love between Nasser and Fiore. To conclude in one word - it is sensational, and a must read for people who love romantic fiction

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--> Sulaiman Sait

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