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COMA - ROBIN COOK, Book review

     I happened to be at Pondycherry for my Christmas holidays and there I spotted this book there at a book stall, For the first time did I ever judge a book by its cover. . The main reason for selecting this book was cause of the bottom line mentioning " Master of Medical thriller" and being a student in the similar field I fancied going for my selection

     If you are a ardent reader, Im sure you would never wanna keep this book down once you start this, one can feel their pulse, and heart rate augment as they progress reading the book...  That's the same that happened to me --> and, I happened to completed this book in one go ( within 7 hours)

posing with the book (Coma - Robin Cook)
 On to the story line --> The story revolves around a third year student ( well I'm in my third year too :-) ) Susan Wheeler- a pretty, young and charming girl, who is assigned to go for her post Operative ward rounds for the very first time, with a small set of her friends at the Boston Memorial hospital , Massachusetts. During her ward rounds, she soon tends to find out about some thing fishy , where 2 patients had gone to coma (including a friend) after something abnormal happened to them after a very simple surgery at the Operation Room #8. She takes the assist of a post graduate intern Dr. Mark Bellows ( who actually had fallen for her) and soon an intricate relationship begins between them. She tells Bellows everything about her investigation, but he doesn't believe in her, and wants her to stop going deep into it.
    At every step she smells trouble and is lost in a state where there is no come back.  She had even been threatened of even being thrown out of Med school by the Hospital in-charge and senior surgeons, yet she decides to investigate further and further. She then reaches Jefferson's Institute( in search of her comatose friend) where these Comatose bodies were kept and there she discovers that it was a place for black market organ trade. She also finds out that the Hospital in charge was also involved in this. The King pins used to find out the organ matching before the surgery and then in the Operation Room #8, they would induce general anesthetics followed, by short term neuro muscular blockers and finally carbon monoxide to declare the brain dead.

     Finally when she reports this to the Cheif of Surgery Dr Harris , In whom she trusted ( but , turns out to be the Unknown Master Mind)  tries to Comatose Susan, but is saved by Mark Bellows who manages to disconnect the Carbon Monoxide pipeline to the OR#8 and then the police take over

     My Opinion --> For me it was an easy read inspite of the twists and twirls cause I knew most of the medical terms and the drugs, for others Im sure you would need a medical dictionary to read through. The one thing that I personally felt was that the story had a good pace all through , but it ended abruptly

My Rating --> 4.8/ 5

--> Sulaiman Sait

You too can get this book, Here is the Flipkart link to purchase the Imported Edition of this book


  1. Nicely given :) A info, There is film called coma based on this novel directed by Michael Crichton :D interesting right? :)

    1. @harikrishna --> exactly, the Movie was released in 1978. . !And yes, it was pretty interesting
      I did see the movie last nigh --> they have skipped quite a few important things

      Glad to know you have come here via CBC
      Thanks for the comment :-0

  2. oh.. This is rather intriguing review.. Maybe I'll go check it out..

    I like the way you managed to make this a refreshing with a personal touch...

    1. @Raashmi --> Thank you. . .
      It is a must read, I'll say

      Thanks for the comments


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