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My Ambipur experience - Lost in my dreamland

     Hola amigos, Im back. Here again, I pen down yet another fabulous experience right from center page of my diary, which has been revolving around me since my third Indiblogger meet at The Grand Hyaat, Chennai today.
In my own poetic style I have written down this poem about the Ambipur experience of mine

Reaching a bloggers meet,
Midst the midday Chennai heat.
Drippy drip sweat
perspiration making me wet.
My deodorant had failed,
and my mood derailed
But, soon started the meet,
Entertainment, rhythm of our heartbeat.
Fun filled events, away from bore,
While, the prizes were galore.
Food, promo, skit enactment and social causes
Ultimate fun, until we had to  finally tie up our laces

Once I was back into my car,
I tried the complementary ambipur car.
Such enchanting was it fragrance,
Driving me away from my conscience
Soon, I was into the land of my dreams
A place over the mountains,
With, ever flowing musk streams,
And a variety of natures themes.
Away from darkness and sin,
With no pain within.
Summer, rains and winter,
Happiness etched forever.

- Sulaiman Sait

The fun part from the meet was when I was blindfolded and made to sit in a car, which seemed to be fresh cause of the ambipur fragrance, but when I was asked to take off my blindfold- there was a twist - I found myself in a car sordid with leftover pizza, frenchfries, sweat shirts , hanging socks and what not, but then that was the proper test for ambipur's effect and it stayed up to the promise.  And finally before I could end this blog post, I would wanna attach some snaps from the meet today

surprise- surprise - we have something special for you
Pic credits : indiblogger (fb) 

The chennai Bloggers club at the meet
pics credits - Vinodh .v.v

CBC again
Pics Credits - Kalyan 

finally, the indiblogger t-shirt
and the complementary ambi pur car 
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  1. u brought out the feel of whole meet in a 10 line poetry!.. nice job.:)

    1. ha ha
      I know many complain that my poems are long
      but this time around I kept it short and finished it all in 24 lines

      thanks for the comment :-)

  2. luks like u had a wonderful time..
    its nice to read ur experience in poetic form!

    1. Thank you :-)
      Indeed it was a wondeful time
      Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  3. Dinesh BalachandranMay 27, 2013 at 7:16 PM

    i felt i was physically there. nice one Mr. Sait. keep it going. It is just the beginning. My best wishes for you.

    1. @Dinesh Bhalachandran --> thanks bro . . .!

  4. I can see how sunk are you in Hyatt's splendor! Great.

    1. @Whenkay - ha ha , you should have come na yaar . . . !
      Indeed I was sunk in its splendor . . !
      Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  5. Interesting read!
    I love to see, how naturally you make rhymes in your poetry. Remarkable!

    Well, after reading this I am so excited to attend the indiblogger meet at least for once...Lets see when :)

    Lovely pictures!!

    Thanks for sharing...
    Best wishes to you!

    1. @Simran --> thank you
      I feel rhyming is verymuch an important part of a poem, so I stick on to it. . !
      Haha, hope indiblogger comes on to ur city

      Thanks for reading and commenting

  6. The font you use in your blog complements your poetry. I guess not many guys would write a poetry about an indiblogger meet!

    1. @Destination Infinity --> thank you boss . . ! :-)
      I actually took it up as a challenge to write this as a poetry and I did it :-)
      Thanks for the comment :-)

  7. ah!! back in action are we? nice 1 man

  8. Broo... a very gud, free of cost publicity for ambipure!! do send this to the company... may be u can be their next ad script writer.. :P :D.. congratulations.. keep the gud work going onn!! :)

    1. @Sandeep - lol :-)
      Haha, I will send it for sure :-)
      Thanks for commenting :-)

  9. congrats dude
    waiting for ur next creative work

    1. @Krish -> thanks mate
      next one will be up soon in a week or two :-)

  10. nyc wrk man
    u neva tell abt all these meets
    nyways congrats nd happy fr u

    1. @niki - thanks yaar . .. Ah come on tell me first about ur presence at Chennai , anyways. . will let u know next time around

  11. Good Job with the poem. Keep writing.

  12. Is this the poem that won you a Samsung Galaxy S4 bro? This is bloody awesome though :) Keep writing :)

    1. @SIS --> yessss .... this is the post which won me a Samsung Galaxy S4 :-)


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