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     Surrogacy refers to having another woman for a couple who can't have a child. Its something like ducks lay, but don't hatch, rather depend on hens, who hatch it for them. History dates back to 1870's when surrogacy was practiced in China. Whats funny to see is the fact that the Chinese first started surrogacy and later in 2009 put a ban on Surrogacy. There have been many controversies around surrogacy - firstly, the ethical issue for a woman to raise someone else's child, then comes religious issues, while other controversies include fetus complications, which might need abortion- and the surrogate mother might oppose the abortion.. But now it has become more or less like a trade, where couple hire a woman to bear a child for them, and pay her handful to shut her mouth for lifetime . Recently some celebrities have been dragged into controversies for adopting surrogacy, for their wives didn't wanna spend time for their gestation. Only a few countries in the world like India, US, Georgia, Ukraine and Thailand- where a woman can be legally paid to carry another's child. Here, I take an opportunity to write a fictional poem based on the life story of a woman who takes up the responsibilities of surrogacy from a coupld who escape pregnancy cause of a busy schedule  ...

After prolongation of her first gestation,
and battling her eclampsia complication,
she delivered a celestial present,
in the form of a beautiful infant.

She remained unhappy, with expressions bizarre,
for, soon she had to detach afar,
she let her baby suckle on a bottle
indicating something unusual

Upon asking, she admitted,
the child was not of her blood,
for this was secret,
cause her offspring was a surrogate.

Her every breath was desperate,
to have her moppet,
but, she'd signed an agreement,
on contract basis to remain pregnant.

Soon, came the twain,
who hired the dame inane,
to escape the pain of delivery,
and pay her wholesome money.

Isn't it shameful, for a couple to not beget,
besides trapping a helpless fish in the fishnet,
Gone are those happy days of  conceiving,
lost are those traditions of nurturing and caring.

--> Sulaiman Sait

P.S -> This poem is completely a work of fiction and has noting to do with the poet (or) any other character mentioned in this poem whether living or dead


  1. I do not agree with the last paragraph Sulaiman. There may be many reasons for the couple to opt for a lady to give birth for their child, so I am okay with that provided if the lady is completely okay with that. In terms of religious views, it is not acceptable, but all I see is the longing for a child by that couple. I think I can take inspirations from your poem and write a post on this. I hope you will be okay with that :)

    Someone is Special

    1. @SIS --> Sure you can take inspirations from this poem and write a post... do tag me in when ur done with your post....

      And, about the last stanza
      It is for those couples who can afford to have children, but dont wanna undergo the pain..

      Anyways, thanks for reading and leaving your footsteps on this post

  2. Yes sulaiman actually inspirational and informational .. Hoping to read few more poems like these... great work. Keep it up.

    1. @Aarthi --> thankyou.. sure .. few more poems to follow up

  3. nicely written sulaiman. you have superbly put emotions into this poetry and it brought tears to my eyes.

    1. @Ranjitha mam --> thank you for reading my poem mam.
      Also thanks for leaving ur comment

  4. Dinesh BalachandranOctober 8, 2013 at 8:24 AM

    Nicely written Mr. Sait. Brings out the emotion very well. In my opinion commercial surrogacy should be banned. Nicely done.

    1. @Dinesh Balachandran --> thank you... Indeed commercial surrogacy should be banned..
      thanks once again

  5. Amazing composition!
    It's great to see you come with different themes each time and so nicely... Versatile !
    How far the surrogacy is correct that depends on our thoughts.... There is nothing wrong in that if we are ready to accept and you know, people would because of the low fertility rate and complications.

    1. @Simran Kaur --> thank you... Indeed I wish to write on different topics every time, I take them as a challenge and work on them
      And, yes... I do agree with you.. this poem depends on individual perception and thoughts on how they see this poem...
      To add a point - for low fertility rate there are other options available as well...
      surrogacy comes the last..
      but these days - Celebs are promoting surrogacy, even when their wives can bear children....

  6. Yo Doc!! Wonderfully penned down real emotions :) Keep up the good work :)

    1. @Sivaranjini --> thank you.. Glad you liked it :-)

  7. Hi Sulaiman,
    I don't think any lady takes a surrogate because she does not want to go through the pain. So, I think the last paragraph ruined the beautiful concept of surrogacy. Imagine the large heart of a surrogate mother, who parts away with the child she nurtured in her womb.
    Surrogacy is a gift for a childless couple.
    A woman's threshold for pain is way way wayyy too higher when it comes to bearing pain - whether it's the monthly ritual that gives her intolerable pain, or the labour pain, which is by far know to be the hardest.
    And I found the post too judgmental. We are no one to comment on the reasons, the rights or the wrongs of three people who want to bring a baby in this world together, for personal and/or commercial reasons.
    Hope you will not mind my honest thoughts on this.

    1. @AWalkinthewoods --> I do know about the joy and the excitement a woman (a mother) experiences when she gets to know that she is pregnant..
      Well.. Let me clear the last para once again .

      Isn't it shameful, for a couple to not beget,
      besides trapping a helpless fish in the fishnet,
      Gone are those happy days of conceiving,
      lost are those traditions of nurturing and caring.

      The above lines are written targeting those couple who can conceive, but do not want to... besides employing someone else to do the job for them
      may be cause they wanna have a easy go, or probably cause they are busy enough with their lives that they cannot find time to have children....

      Yes, I do know about a woman's threshold as well and their monthly cycles and the cramps women experience during them...
      but then again... I had this one thing in my mind - on people who can have children, but opt for surrogacy which made me write those lines.

      yes... its an individual choice on the way they want to conceive, but if they cant, then with advancement with fertility solution they try them... or try adopting a kid (an orphan) rather than look out on surrogacy....


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