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A land, tranquil and calm,
greens, bushes, trees of palm,
with weather, delightfully soothing,
and drizzles, so refreshing.

Those tall peaking hills,
topped with blooming daffodils,
flowing  streams of purity,
a rare sight of beauty.

seeing those lush green paddy fields,
sitting on hay chesterfields,
swaying its way, like music
letting one go rhythmic 

A scented breeze of this state,
resides in its women innate,
blessed with beauty,
serving nature with harmony.
The sight of golden sun rays,
escaping across dawn, along the seaways,
like God's blessings from the skies,
to mitigate away our agonies.

Undoubtedly a land truly lavished,
grown, nurtured and cherished,
No wonder why all agree,
this is God' own country.

--> Sulaiman Sait

 A couple of weeks back I was at Kerala to attend a research conference and this poem is solely written after a great time I had there.Beneath, Im sharing some of my pic's that I happened to clink during my short and productive stay there. Also my research paper (which I happened to presented there) won me a third place at the national level conference ..

water stream moving to the paddy fields

standing amidst the paddy fields

with a group of young boys who helped me catch a fish.


  1. Dear, I've tagged you Here
    Let me know your response :)

    1. @Simran --> thanks for the tag.. will try writing asap

  2. the way u hv written ur poem its vry nice.its lik a delicate chocolate and its full of nature flavor.good job..and congrats fr 3rd place.

    1. @benazeer --> thanks for the wishes :-) glad you like my work :-)

  3. Great work dude. Next time, when it's about kerala, try mentioning the rich heritage and the backwaters..

    1. @Anirudh --> thanks.. I will ...
      thanks for the comments

  4. nicely written. kerala is a nature wonder bestowed with beauty

  5. Hey sulaiman! I like the way you've abstracted the descriptions in the poem. It's soothing to read. The pictures were an inspired addition, they add a feel-real dimension to the poem. Good work!

    1. @Raashmi. Glad you liked it... I was desperate to add some pics to some extra value to this post :-)

  6. //A scented breeze of this state,
    resides in its women innate//

    Loved the above lines.. Good one. :)

    1. @ mypradoxicalparadise --> :-) :-) thank you :) :)

  7. Dinesh balachandranDecember 7, 2013 at 5:51 PM

    well composed poem Mr. Sait. nicely written. Describes Kerala. Backwaters are missing from the poem so i guess u didn't have time to visit one in your hectic schedule. Overall beautiful poem and pics add a bit more colour to it.

    1. @Dinesh Balachandran sir --> thank you...and yes, ur right... I had actually been there for a conference... made some time out to move around the place and that's what inspired me to write this poem
      Yes, I did miss the backwaters.. :-( planning to add in a stanza above

      thanks for the comments :-)

  8. Good one sulaiman :) you can only grow better - may be before you become a certified doctor you will have published a book of poems :)

    1. @Mahesh --> thanks a lot bro....
      ha ha... I really wish to write one soon...
      who knows I may......

  9. Beautifully written poem. :) Kerala is a perfect symphony of ever-green forests, paddy fields, coconut palms and plantations. With wonderful tourist places such as Kollam, Chembra Peak, Wayanad, and Kabin, Kerala tourism is a sheer delight for travellers and explorers.


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