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Before I get into this review, let me tell you - I usually make it a point to carry a book or two along with me every time I go on a long journey alone, this time it was Nano. Also, for a long time I wanted to read Nano by Robin Cook after I fell in love with Pia Grazdani - the protagonist from Death Benefit. well, Moving on here is the book review...

This book is 400 paged, and is published by  Macmillian publishing house. The cover looks interesting with a nano cell and definitely lets you know there is some mystery awaiting inside

The book is available in India at a reasonable price of 350 Rupees and can be downloaded as an E-book at a price of 298 rupees (via flipkart)


The story revolves around the pretty, bold and charming Pia Grazdani - the protagonist (Yes, you guessed it right, the same Pia from death benefit) who takes a year off from her internship to join a leading nanothechnology firm (NANO) situated at the foothills of Colorado to persue her research in the construction of nano microbiovores ( tiny nano robots with the ability to gobble up viruses and bacteria).

During this period she stumble across an incident which makes her suspicious about some secretive work happening at Nano and to her scare she soon realizes that had literally stumbled upon Nano's human guinea pigs who were being used to do a high level secretive study which promises to become the biggest medical discoveries of the twenty first century- and could be a treatment for millions.

AS Pia relentlessly tries to find out what's going on she faces a whole lot of challenges and ends up being caught... what happens next ? Read Nano to find out...


The story is initially fast paced and is well narrated through out the plot. But, over a period of time, the story seems to be dragging and a lot predictable, unlike the typical Robin Cook style. But, nonetheless it still does maintain to have enough suspense elements to keep a Robin Cook fan hooked till the end... The Character of Pia is the highlight of this book, but sadly what happens to Pia in the end isn't mentioned. Does she escape after being kidnapped, or is she dead, only Robin Cook knows or maybe he still has plans to bring back Pia Grazdani in his upcoming books...

MY RATING : 3.5/5


Though this isn't Robin Cook's best, but he doesn't fail to stand up to his title of being the master of medical thrillers. A must read for die hard Robin Cook fans.

You too can grab your copy of Nano by Robin Cook, by clicking on the banners below

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