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My inspiration to take up medicine as a profession (my real life story)

   I still remember being in ninth class when, a newly built houses down the lane was made into a clinic.  At that time I really hated doctors especially for their painful injections that they give and also those unpalatable medicines… But there was something different in this clinic; this doctor who came was an Army Major. His name was Major. Dr. Anand. He was an orthopedic surgeon. But also a general medicine practitioner
     The first week after the inauguration of the clinic, I was unawfully unwell, and had to make a visit, I still remember that people who were in army generally had those ‘virappan’ type mustaches. I was thinking how this major would be….

     It was now our turn to go inside, since it was a small clinic only two people were allowed to go inside, I still have those frames of glimpses and the welcoming smile that glittered on his face, to welcome us inside, I was along with dad. He was really patient and screened me slowly asking me in a low pitch of voice which was sort of very low that the doc’s voice was masked by the sound of the honks and sounds from outside. He diagnosed and prescribed the medicines and asked dad to get those from the pharmacist and explained the dose.
     As usual being a furious kid, I still remember the question that I asked him-“your board outside mentions that you are a major, then you are supposed to be in the army and how come you are here….?” My dad had a stern look on his face, about what I have asked him….! The doc left out a smile and said “yes I’m from the army, and have also fought the Kargil war, we were on our way to capture the Tiger hills where by I was shot three bullets on my right thigh (as he was saying he pulled up his pant and showed the marks of the bullets) and was brought to ground, the battalion coming back had seen me injured and took me back to the camp”. I was feeling my arrector pili making the hairs on my skin stand up and I was feeling those Goosebumps on me….!

     The following month just before my final exams I fell down from my cycle and had bruised myself on my left arm. Then I was immediately rushed to the major and felt the healing touch on to it…! There is still a scar of the cycle accident.

      This doctor was there only till a few weeks where by our friendship with the doctor increased… and we became close. He was an angel sent to earth; he used to treat the poor and people from the slum for free. At times when h e would be free or like no one would be there (which was rare) I would go to his clinic and would chat with him and would sit down listening to his life experiences of  being in the army and how he  loved the field of medicine.

     After some time I got busy with my board exam preparations and at times his clinic would remain closed, I never realized it much till one day the whole clinic was emptied and was painted and was made into a shop and was also opened. By this time, my boards were also over, I then tried enquiring and couldn’t get any information about the doc.
    Even today whenever I see the scar in my hand I still remember him…! I can still recollect the way he has served as a hero both to the nation and also for the society. Even till Today I have been searching for him, He has been my real inspiration to take up medicine as a profession and even today I wish he would have been here or would have stayed in touch with me, I would have really better guide

Dr Anand, Where ever you are, this is dedicated you…!
Everyone here in Annanagar, Chennai misses you…!

-Sulaiman  Sait


  1. i hope that u gotta see him one day soon....
    and i really liked the question u asked out to him...

  2. yea, im kinda searching on for him...! hope i really get a chance to meet him back and stay in touch with him


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