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All that I did was looked into her venomous eyes
Forgetting my previous woes and cries!
The next moment she let out a lustrous smile,
As if we were supposed to travel together for another mile.
She was beautifully dressed in her new in fashion dress,
Her hair not oiled but tied without any mess,
Her face was a professional masterpiece,
Which my mind could never release.
Those couple of fringes downs her template,
Made her look more beautiful, she was great. 
She is now residing in my heart
Straight on the target like a dart!
Without her I would remain sad,
At times would even go mad.
she was like a flower,
And I, living on her nectar.
She was the reason,
For her I would live every season,
I wanted to take over her like a clever thief
Without the shaking of a single leaf.
There was no corner where my love for her couldn't fill,
Her wonderful devotion in me made me still.
When I hear love, I think only about her,
She’s my world, my future.
To meet her, I had to cross the street,
but for a wonder I couldn't move my feet.
My condition was helpless,
Her beauty was priceless.
My blood started to rush,
I had developed a crush.

It was love at first sight,
Am I right..?
With tandem steps I should begin,
Her hand in mine, even skin to skin.
I wanted our journey to ascend
And hope never reaches the end
All I wanted was her to advance,
Into the footsteps of my romance.
For me love was not a stage play,
Where the heroine could change any day.
I was moving towards her inch by inch,
From inside I got a strong pinch.
But I was stammering to put forward my love to her
And when i put this burden on to her,
She looked back into my eyes,
She couldn't believe, asked me was it lies??
We were consciously aware,
But without words i was bare.
Within no time she took over the pain,
Suddenly she planted a kiss in the slowly pouring rain.
Her lips were like watermelon and honeydew,
Stronger than a coffee brew.
Her soul was as palatable as melody,
With every smooch i felt her body
Her body became warm,
I was not in my norm.
I was feeling my eyes going week
I was glued on to her and couldn’t speak
Her perfect lips were truly god’s gift
She was kissing really swift.
Her lips were so tender,
A kiss which I would always remember.
My fingers began to creep,
our inhalations became deep.
After this kiss my heart lost its pain,
Wish I could kiss her again and again 
But we regained back our sense,
Realized that we had gone dense 
I learnt that love is the greatest feeling
once again i proposed to her kneeling
During this time my body and soul,
Were completely out of control.
i gave my entire soul into her,
what i could protect no longer.
Now we are with one other,
planning to live happier together!

-sulaiman sait 


  1. dis is d best romantic poem ever read!
    sulai- ur simlpy gr8 da!

  2. hey thank you for your sweet and generous words, i will surely take it as an encouragement! thank you once again..! please do pray that i write more and become famous!

  3. hope my frnd reaches gr8 heights.......!

  4. thanx pattu, sure one day i will touch those heights and set up new records!

  5. wow wow wow, simple outstanding!!!

    great work sulaiman...

    hats off


  6. thank you...! there is more to come

  7. so nice manh!!!
    u really did a great work..
    the essence of poem, was felt so deep by me...
    me and my friends have gone through ur poem...
    many said it was so lovely and all..

  8. @ akram, thank you man for spending your valuable time and reading my poems and thank you again for liking it....!

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    Someone is Special

  10. No words dude....... Very nice...

  11. Lovely.............

  12. @Rashmi:- Thanx for reading and commenting

  13. sulai- manh u have a narrated dis v.well.
    keep up manh- I realli <3 dis...
    wishes- Meghna.

  14. @meghna:- thanx dear...! Its glad that you loved it...!

  15. I believe, the beauty and the poet are having a wonderful time together; nice choice of words and to me this poem is "LOVE AT ITS BEST'.


  16. @sriramnivas:- Thankyou..!
    yes ur right--> love at its best

  17. wow so romantic..
    u really write well
    keep up with the good job.

  18. @Bharathi Desai:- Thankyou for ur sweet and kind words...!

  19. Nicely written. Really intense expression of feelings.

  20. Replies
    1. @Akansha mam --> thanks mam. .Glad you loved it :-)

  21. This melted my heart and my senses, dear Sulaiman. Real life inspiration?

    Joy always,

    1. @Susan --> thank you for your comment :-)
      Real life inspiration --> well, will let u know later :-)

  22. sulaimannnnn...!!! lucky girl "she". Your really romantic!!a great RHYMER too

  23. This was so beautiful. So detailed. Not everyone can write like this. :)


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