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I feel for the mother,who bares the labor pain,yet excited,
Her happiness, she spreads, out sprouted.
But, when she tells the daddy,
The Brutus, the baddy, remained angry.
For this news made him hate his wedlock,
Raising the coming girl, to him- worst than a firelock.
He didn't want a baby girl, wanted the fetus to die
Mommy was tensed, left lone, began to cry.

I feel for the girl fetus, just weeks old,
Through the mothers womb, feeling the warmth and cold.
The girl that rested within her mum,
Like a flower yet to blossom.
The soon developing eyes,
The pain of kicks, the feel of hunger and cries.
Waiting to enter this complex world,
Lying inside, waiting to see her dream world.

I feel for the cries of the girl,
A single threaded, lost pearl,
Soon, the unborn was alongside the angels now,
This was a forced abortion done somehow.
I cry against her tender heart that stopped.
For the hands that remain untouched.
For the eyes that couldn't see
and, for the sinful mother who painfully dumped her in the garden slurry.



  1. gud job sulai. supr writing..
    v.different n new topic u written

  2. @anonymous- thankyou for your comment here....!
    and yea indeed this is a new topic that I have written upon

  3. really so touchin sulai.. tis s wat happenin in tis world.... i wish no more female infanticide to take place... let d girl child live happily.... u hav given such a real story... keep doin tis! wil b der to help u..... u rock

  4. @ROHINI:- Firstly, Thanks for you comment on the post
    also thankyou so very much for staying behind the scene and supporting my writing, and would be a pleasure if you join in this campaign and spread this message....

  5. hi sulaiman... beautiful poem... i realy want you to publish this poem in newspaper or magazines... hats off!!!! to use your talent to describe such social issue... i personally want everybody to read this poem so that they tore there consciousness and will understand actually what they are doing... thank u...

  6. @mahak sharma--> thankyou...
    Im actually looking for a chance to publish my work. But Im always held in some busy schedule...
    It would be good if you would spread this message using Facebook and your mail... let people know about it....

  7. definitely..... actually i m not at Facebook... but definitely ask all my friends to follow u....

    keep it up!!!!!!!! impressive work...

  8. This is a very touching poem, it must be published on a larger forum definitely! Keep up the efforts. Really superb..

  9. @Mahak Sharma---> Thank you once again

    sure thats so kind of you....

  10. @Sarah Adam:- Yea I will try to put it on a larger platform soon.... And thanks for your wishes.....!

  11. The right message!
    Good one buddy :)


  12. @vijay menon:- Thanks yaar...! Indeed a right and perfect message


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