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After my regular classes, I quickly stroll,
To enter the athenaeum hall.
With exam stress etched in my face,
Deliverance to be an ace.
Stepping across faces that looked dull,
 Busy gorging pages, to fill their skull.
Some I see busy dreaming,
While some sweating and struggling.
Pacing against books that read Mathematics,
While some were economics.
Some books were a collection of history,
While the rest remained a mystery.

Amidst these rows, I silently look,
To find a Pharmacology Textbook.
Moved on to the nearby reading table,
Sat down and made my mind stable.
I now open, to the intriguing smell of the book,
Like a fish attracted to the worm on a hook.
Busy reading in dept, my time passes by,
Untill I was forced to leave, saying goodbye.
Being Acquiescent , I push back my chair,
And leave from there down the stair . .

--> Sulaiman Sait

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