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"Prostitution - Boon or Bane. Why does India stereotype women??"

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The act of providing sexual services or Prostitution has been going on for ages and people practicing them have become a part of the society in which we live. We being the face of the society or the power of this country see this as something outlandish and have never given them any social status or have always abused them and have got them abandoned from the society. Some people still consider the act of prostitution as a taboo while the rest don't talk about it. The truth is that prostitution is still a controversial topic to decided to be a boon or a bane if legalized or not.

             There have been countries like Amsterdam , Norway , Bangkok which have legalized prostitution, and practicing prostitution has become a profession there. Also it has been found out that in countries where this has been legalized, has seen to a relatively decrease in the number of crimes being comitted. There have been some other advantages of legalizing such as - safety for sex workers, Safety for other women/ lesser women harassment No hassle of police, easy to educate sex workers about sexually transmitted disease (STD's), taxes can be generated out of this which can provide a revenue to the country ( Making Prostitution legal is just like having consumption of liquor legalized in the country, though it is bad, the government can generate high revenue from it and can make profits out of it).

              In the western world there is no such thing called as culture or respect  But, we live in India, a land of cultures and I have personally never had a liking for prostitution or would never love to pay money to a prostitute for pleasures and like other civilized Indians feel it to be a shameful act. I also feel it leads to a decline in the moral values and most of the men would be found out at Brothels rather than being at work. On the on the other hand there would be more orphans or girls kidnapped and forced to wanna take up prostitution for money and would end up ruining their lives. It can also become a place for illegal trading of narcotic drugs and other illegal substances.

      And, when the talk comes about Stereotyping Indian women as sex objects, or home makers I feel that there has been some misconception in the minds of the people and this topic has always been taken in the wrong manner.  It goes on in the history that men used to go out and fight wars or work , which is the major source of income for the family and women used to stay back at home and take care of the requirements of her man. On the other side regions which lost in the war, were asked to surrender and their women became their sex slaves, hence to abide all this women used to either jump into the well and give up their lives or jump into the pyre of her dead husband - Sathi ( which is now banned ) I do agree women's rights were suppressed and women were always seen as home makers and sex objects, but now post independence everything has changed and rights have been made liberal for women, there have been many success tales about women let it be in the field of education, sports, defense or what ever women have been standing upto it and competing along side men in what was once called a men dominated society .We very well know that India is a country where truly we believe in women empowerment, Chastity and dignity of them. We also call our country Bharat Maata, Bhoomi Maata, where Mata means mother and we respect her. Almost all the rivers in the country have been named after women and we take holy dips in these rivers to wash away our sins. .

     So, to conclude I feel that prostitution could be a boon, but for the western world, and not for a country like India, cause our's is a country known to worship women in the form of lords and not disrespect by making them sluts and whore's or by making prostitution something professional or make business out of it. .!Being Indians I feel we should stop following the blind westernization and also stop debating about the boon or bane of prostitution and see to that we respect and give the rights that women deserve. .!!!

--> Sulaiman Sait

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