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What Chennai Means to Me ......????

This post is a part of The Chennai Bloggers Club Tablog  , Where the active Chennai circle bloggers have decided to write about "What Chennai Means to them" in their own styles. .The post was preceeded by a group of writes before me, the last one to write and pass the baton to me was Melanie Rayen . . Thank you. . .

Sipping my hot mug of Filter coffee,
I decided to write what Chennai means to me. .
Going by the pages of history ,
A common place for the socials
I then decided to write taste,
What this Metro city has in its haste.

google images
Marina ( google images)

      Its been 2 decades since my Birth at this wonderful place and along side me I have seen this city grow, city grow where the small buildings have all been replaced by tall skyscrapers, the city limit has also been expanding , so its population

       If asked what I love more about this place, I would definitely vote for the people, who show a good sense of brother hood and are always there when needed. The best part about Chennai is probably the number of Good schools which are around here in the city. So are the wonderful restaurants.

      Frankly speaking I have not seen everypart of the city till date, but I know every nook and corner about Anna Nagar ( Thats where I stay ), and no doubt that I have to mention that this is one of the best residential areas in the city.

      What adds to the beauty of this city is the presence of the world's second largest beach - The Marina . .!
Its always been a fun time for me to be at the beach and have a gasp of fresh air,Rajaji Salai will remain an unforgettable place as where I learnt my 4 wheeler driving. I also love the other rock and sea side spots ( Kasimedu & Royapuram side, where I escaped from the Tsunami in Dec 2004).

       It has always been fun to hang around friends and co-bloggers at various Malls, Cafe's, Hotels,clubs and conferences halls in the city which hosts a number of hangout spots and these are quite safe ( safe to women too) when compared to the other metros
      One thing is that I have never bothered a " Rat A$$ "  about what the politics goes on here provided we keep receiving freebies from them
      Overall I would be proud to be called a "Madrasi" or a "Chennaite" anywhere I go

This Tablog will procede further by post written by R. Shantaram , who has a daily Chennai photo blog and would write about what Chennai means to him

--> Sulaiman Sait


  1. Madrasi, nice post. The font played with my sight and I was shaking my head right and left, accordingly. Don't you like full-stops?

    Short and sweet
    unlike Chennai's heat.
    Liked the treat
    of this post's beat.

    Joy always,

    1. @Susan --> haha I do like full stops, but I didnt want it to affect the tempo of my post :-)

      Nice micro poem

      Glad you liked it and thanks for the comment

  2. This is a nice theme, you have. I have never seen such a theme in Blogger. Did you customize it? A nice post on Chennai from a poet! I too love the restaurants of this city, more than any other. I like the fact that the cuisine is predominantly south Indian here, instead of the bland western outlets we find everywhere else.

    Destination Infinity

    1. @Destination Infinity -->Its from the blogger theme's and I did customize the fonts, font size and colors :-)

      Rightly said instead of enjoying the western culture, we prefer to enjoy the South Indian hangout spots :-)

      Thanks for the comments :-)

  3. One madrasi to another as ever :)

  4. Liked the post and the tribute thru a Micro poem by Susan too :)

  5. views of a true madrasi :) .... good work ...


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