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The city of Pearls and Food - Hyderabad ( poem)

It felt blithe , upon reaching Hyderabad station,
Jolted, by what was a land under the Nawabs possession.
Truely a high-tech city now,
And the first word I said was wow.

The hail nature of people,
like a brother's cuddle.
The intoxicating aroma of Iranian tea,
Mughal Biriyani and Haleem in every alley.

Shopping from the streets of Charminaar,
To the markets of Laad Bazaar,
Sightseeing from the Chowmalla palace,
To the Golconda fort that remains artless

Gazing at ever-famous pearl market
while the Birla planetarium showed the planets,
The Musical Clock at Salar Jung Museum strikes twelve,
And our cicerone has another story to tell

One complete day spent at the Ramoji film city,
Where film making is done cheaply
The last I could visit was the Hussain Sagar Lake,
Where I went rowing , with a co passenger Sheik.

My final walk was to the Railway station
And my train had soon begun
Lately, I realize, a week was over
At Hyderabad city, I wont forget forever

--> Sulaiman Sait


  1. Nicely described in the way of poem..... and happy that you visited my nizam place!!

    1. @Prithivi Sir --> Glad u like this poem . . .!!Also thanks for the comments :-)

  2. Very well expressed! This one almost summed up my visit to the city of Pearls :)

    1. @Akansha mam --> thankyou didi , glad you liked it :-)

  3. Well expressed..short n sweet description

  4. A brief excellent description about Hyderabad in a small poem is superb .... Hyderabad within a poem

    1. @Dr Jagadesh --> Thank you doc. . Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  5. really a lovely place.. gonna be here for next one year...
    love the mughal biriyani

    1. enjoy and have a gr8 time out there
      Im sure u will enjoy it

      dont forget to taste Haleem

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