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Euthanasia [ MERCY KILLING ]

     Before I start this poem, I would wanna add a quote said by Martin Luther King --> " No one is truly free to live, until one is free to die"


There I see him lay, awake and still,
Tacit and secluded, staring at window sill.
Impassive for years, with an Illness,
Which never decided to leave his body axis.
His Drugs were out of action,
Unplayable expenses was a caution.
His cries and mourn were rife ,
Pleading and attempting to end his life.

Soon, There was a meeting,
To euthanize him, was the magisterial granting.
Sending him to his death bed,
with a dreamless sleep that lulls the dead.
The duty was rendered to me,
My soul wasn't ready to agree.
Abashed, if this was the right option here,
For a life was ought to disappear.

No friends or relatives were there,
None wanting to be his heir.
An I.V cannula was slowly inserted ,
And a syringe already loaded.
He was asked again,
On wanting to invert his decision?
With pain in every heart tick,
He wanted the poison to do the trick.

Call me a Brutal Killer,
or a qualified murderer.
I located his vein,
Injected the lethal tubocuraine.
closed my eyes and gushed,
everyone around were stunned and hushed.
The clock was ticking,
I could sense my sweat dripping.

His Pulse and Respiration went low,
and suddenly became zero.
His eyes began to close,
And soon he went into an endless doze.
His hands held my coat,
As his life traveled in a painless boat.
Making me feel the hardness,
Ceasing my emotional weakness.

-Sulaiman Sait

    NOTE :  I know Euthanasia (MERCY KILLING) has been a very controversial topic and international debates have been happening over it, henceforth I wish to inform that this poem is completely a work of fiction and doesn't resemble to any character in this poem weather living or dead.


  1. dinesh balachandranJune 12, 2013 at 10:32 AM

    nicely done Mr. Sait. very delicate subject and you handled it very nicely. but personally i am of the opinion that no one has the right to take away a life. we may have some practical issues about money, he suffering of that person but those must be addressed. thanks for writing a beautifully painful poem.

    1. @Dinesh Balachandran - Thank you... yes it was difficult to write
      any ways thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  2. Subarashi desu!!!
    I like the way you've given enough detail to incite and elicit an emotional response from the reader.. I particularly like the imagery you've combined with the feelings on the canvas of the poem..

    As a Sociologist I see the practicality of wanting to end someone's pain..
    Personally, i feel the relatives of the deceased will view it as murder than assisted suicide..
    The crux of the arguments about euthanasia is basically that between the mind and the heart...

    While the mind may comprehend... The heart will call it murder...

    1. @Rashmi - thank you, good to see a sciologist's view on this
      Loved the way you compared it to be a battle between the mind and the heart.
      Thanks for the comments

  3. i am for euthanasia.everyone should have the right to die
    very nicely written and good boldness you have showed in writing poems in this topic

  4. beautiful composition. Its a grt array of words picturing what both go thru.:) grt! Liked it!

    1. @Dr Insomniac --> thank you . glad you liked it :-)

  5. Good work and a bold attempt on a controversial topic.

    I support Euthanasia. People should be given to right to die. When people are granted the right to give birth in an artificial way such as IVF, IUI etc. Why cannot they be given, the right to die? Of course we are not talking about someone who wants to commit suicide to escape reality of this world. Mercy killing is to someone who is already half dead.

    1. @Passion of a soul --> u have very well highlighted the poin about artificial insemination / IVF and comparing it to Euthanasia

      Any ways
      thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  6. Brilliant work. I'll just re-quote Martin Luther King. If one can't live in peace at least let him die in peace.

    1. @Srijith --> thanks fore the re-quote :-)
      also thanks for the comments :-)

  7. super. very nicely written Sulaiman. I think this is d most touching poem u ever written. bt im against euthenasia because only god gives life and having right to take back life and it is wrong to give poison and ending life only to completely release one person from long pain

    1. @Atul --> thank you :-) I personally feel the same about it being a touching poem, glad you felt it, also thanks for sharing your views and reason for being against Euthanasia

  8. this poem reminds me of a chess champion who was granted the same by the court after a long legal battle..

    1. @Shreyas - No idea abt the chess champion, but there are many more cases of the same , some have been granted to be euthanize by the govt, some haven't

  9. nice and very true poem sulaiman......

  10. You've composed it so beautifully with apt words that throughout my reading I was able to configure the whole situation... It's touching.

    Keep writing dear :-)
    Best wishes

    1. @Simran - thank you. . ! glad to know it was touching . . !

  11. Beautifully written, Sulaiman... Euthanasia has been debated for so long now, but you have summed it up just right when you started off with the most apt quotation by Martin Luther King - which is what I personally endorse... Any human being would choose Euthanasia only because living for them becomes harder than death - each one of us has a free choice and should be allowed to exercise it.

    1. @ A walk into the woods --> thank you.... Glad you liked it and thanks for your comment

      and yes one is free to choose and should be allowed to exercise it.


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