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The CBC's Six Word Memoir Tag

     This post is a part of The Chennai Bloggers Club SIX WORD MEMOIR TAG , where we bloggers try to define ourselves or our life in six words (Quite interesting right ?). The best part of this is that the baton passes from one writer to another. The baton was passed to me by Pallavi Subramanian  , who is an excellent fiction writer in all forms.

     Moving on, it has really been very difficult to define my self in six-Words , yet I have given this my best shot to put forward my life in six words, so here it goes

" Chelsea Aficionado - Open Minded - Weird Preferences "

Well that sums it up

Chelsea Aficionado - A big big big Chelsea Football Club (CFC) fan, never missed a match in last 3 seasons. A big fan of Lampard, Petr Cech , David Luiz  Ivanovic', Mata , Hazard and Torres - they are my superhero's

Open minded - well, I'm ever curious to speak to people and exchange thoughts

Weird preferences - some of my choices have been unique - for Eg - I have adopted a cat as my sister ( sounds funny - but that's how it is )

Hope you might have got a slender idea about who I actually am ?? , well there is a lot more to describe about my self - but then I also don't wanna be tagged boasting my self.

Its now time to pass the baton to Mahendran Thiru , who writes under the pen name Lunatic, he also own a Tamizh blog,and usually writes humor and fiction.

P.S - Thank you CBC (Chennai Blogger's club) for giving me a chance to look onto my insight and come up with six words, that defines me.

- Sulaiman Sait 


  1. Strange that you want to be known as a Chelsea fan. How long have you been so? All along?

    Mixed feelings.

    Joy always,

    1. @Susan - No doubt I wanna be known as a Chelsea fan
      Ive been a fan of Chelsea since 2006-07 season, i.e 6yrs as of now

      seen the best and worst of their performances - seen them being crowned European champions, Europa champions, World club runners up , FA cup winners for 4 times, Carling cup once and Premier league winners twice

      and yes,
      I will remain a Chelsea fan all along

  2. Weird preference is truly weird but still it's so cute :) :)
    It was quite challenging to define yourself with six words and you did it nicely! :)
    Cheers for that CFC's Fan :D

    1. @Simran - well there are some more weird preferences which I ain't sharin here

      thanks for stopping by

  3. You Are Really Weird Minded!!
    I Mean Every One Has a Unique Choice But It Does Not Mean They have Weird Mind.
    BTW Your Weird Choice(to adopt a cat) Shows Humanity.

    1. @Web development company --> glad to see that you have understood abt my wierd choice
      and indeed yes, adopting a cat is humanity
      thanks for the comments :-)

  4. well, you forgot footballer and outer rear view mirror breaker ;)

    1. @Shreyas - well still a footballer (but haven't become a professional na), and yeah I have stopped breaking read view mirrors on cars :-)

  5. Cat as a sister is really weird! I love cats too. I had so many cats in my home, and the last one died in an accident years ago, after that I stopped having cat as my pet as it hurts a lot when they leave us. Now, I have a dog named Mittu. She is seven years old :) I miss her whenever I am not in India. :)

    Someone is Special

    1. @SIS --> aahhhh sorry for that.... I know how bad it is to miss your pets when one is away...!

      Any ways thanks for stopping by and commenting :-)


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