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     I might be touching sky limits today, but the path to them were shown by teachers (including my mom) ...
To be frank- There has once been a period that I was very very mischief in class, and my staff found it very difficult to control me, moving from corner to corner or chatting continuously in class, and every parent teacher meeting- the only thing told by every staff used to be " your ward is very mischief and a lot talkative" But then, one day there came a Teacher who caught me and gave me one tight slap...... that taught me a lesson.. a lesson for life time.. and probably the only slap I received in my school life, which kept me quite till I left school... There have been many such incidences like these and this poem is dedicated to all my teachers who have taken efforts some where or the other to shape me for the way I am now....
Thank you for all your efforts ., and here is the poem below

From being someone wise,
With their abundant sources of advise,
They guide us towards our goals,
without remodeling the fear within our souls.

happy teachers day
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From being our mentors,
To the savior of our emotional shores .
Leading us to the topmost pole,
They play such superb roles,

From teaching us well,
To guiding us with every word we spell,
Sometimes, they even yell,
Yet, I have no words to tell.

From teaching us to write,
To telling us whats' right,
With an aim to make us bright,
No matter, whatever be out plight

From a caring pat on our back,
To a hard punishing whack,
Identifying where we lack,
And, trust me, they know the knack

From encouraging us to speak the truth,
Amidst the most challenging times of our youth,
Along side, they spread that smile,
Which makes us run an extra mile.

From long, now we know why life is so lovely
For, it was our teachers who made it so easy
If there is something we'll miss truly,
Its gotta be our teachers surely

- Sulaiman Sait


  1. Awesome dear!!
    With this beautiful dedication to teachers you made the day more special...
    Happy Teacher's Day :-)

    1. @Simran Kaur --> than you for reading and commenting :-)

  2. What a beautiful dedication Sulaiman! Glad I stopped by :)

    Belated Happy Teacher's Day!!

    Someone is Special

    1. @SIS --> thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment here


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