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     Firstly I would like to you introduce you all to the author of this debut book- Ganga Bharani . A techie by profession, an avid blogger by passion, my co blogger, and above all a good friend as well.... I happened to pre oder this book and recieved my copy on the 31st of December. It was my new year night read (non stop) and a good decision to read it as well.

P.S-  I happened read this book, forgetting the fact that the author is my friend, only so that I could do justice to the book and write a proper review

 To start off, the cover of this book is quite attractive, with a modern art and looks like there is a girl sitting with her chin on her knee, sandwiching it is her for arm, along side that is the title of the book.

Before I start off with the main review, let me tell you a couple of things :
(i) This doesn't look likely to be a work of a debut author (adding to her blogging credits)
(ii) This book is really addictive and you would never wanna keep it down once you start


     The story revolves around the life of girl named Meera, who happens to wake up after being comatose to go into amnesia (Retrograde), forgetting her past after an accident, that caused her a head trauma. She wakes up to find herself in a posh flat along with a guy named Ashruth, who introduces himself to be a doctor and also tells her the fact that they both were to get married soon, if this accident hadn't happened. Meera doesn't like being along with Ashruth, but had no other choice.. Soon, as the days pass by Ashruth brings Meera her personal diary (Clarie), where she pens down every single incidence of her life. The diary starts off mentioning about her initial break up, following which she is upset, yet consoled by her cousin brother Santosh, who very much cared for her. The diary also mentions about how she happend to meet and fall for Ashruth and how their marriage was to be fixed. After reading the diary Meera was taken to her Parents place by Ashruth where she happens to enquire more about herself.. She also happens to meet her cousin San (santosh) who took up to alcohol after his love failure. Nothing seemed like herself at this place, except the fact that she gets attracted to santosh. Out of curiosity she wanted to hear Santosh's story behind the breakup. That's the point where the twist in the tale comes as Santosh decides to help Meera find out about her self.. Does Meera get to know who she actually was.? Was Ashruth speaking the truth that Meera had fallen for him ?? How did San actually help Meera ? How did the story unfold towards the end ?? you gotta read this nail biting suspense book to know more.

 It is a fast paced , gripping and an un-put-downable book from the author. No ways would you fell that you are reading a debut author for the characters are well constructed and has everything to keep the reader going. The author has very well shuttled between the past and present life of the character (Meera), and put enough romance between the characters as the story is narrated. If you are someone who loves reading Mystery novels, this is a very good read. I personally had an adrenaline rush and excitement as the book neared its filmy type climax keeping the twist till the very end. Overall it was surely an unforgettable experience having decided to spend my new year night with this book.

MY RATING --> 4.2/5

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  1. I read the Book too.. That was an Amazing book. Really worth it for the money to be paid.. Good Job Author. Keep going :)


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