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My Black Wishlist

There is one color that I always look for,
There seems to be some thing in it that I forever love to see,
The love for black, goes on and on
         and Permanent.

    Black has been one of those colors that I have always craved for, a certain things do look speculatively good in black. Here in this blogpost I'm listing down top 5 things in black, from my black wishlist that I would wanna own.

At #5 Black Adidas football studs (boots)
    I've always desired for a black football shoes on a rainy football pitch and have even decided to go for a sliding tackle once I get them; for these shoes give utmost grip and comfort for the player wearing it...
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At #4 Black Vintage Telephone
    When I was small I remember seeing this Black Vintage Landline telephone ring at some of my relatives house, but unfortunately we had the newer generation landline phones and now all of us have mobile phones. But I always wanna sit on a couch, with my legs one upon the other, dial on the rotating dialpad and speak to someone special for hours:-)
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At #3 Black Suit
    A man is complete when he's dressed complete, and no better dress for a man to dawn than being in a fitting suite. Also, a suit is something which can be worn for any formal occasion without any hesitation. Well in this pic is my fav actor Andrew Garfield ( who is also seen in The Amazing spiderman Series)

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AT #2 Batman Suit
     Every man dreams of being a super hero, and according to me, there is no super hero better than the Batman,(my all time favorite). A Bat suite with armor and protection, a suite thats ever so light and provides protection against enemies of all kind..Well,  it also reminds me about the fact that anyone can be batman, so why not me ?
(c) google images
AT #1 Black Royal Enfield Bullet, Classic 350
     This beast of a bike, has always been my dream machine. What makes this different from other bikes is its power and classy look and top class performance. No wonder it remains as one of those thing in black that I would love to own
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--> Sulaiman Sait

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