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Friendship: A treasure (Guest Blog Post)

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Friendship, an epitome of verve and seraph 
Sails in the sea of divinity with graceful ripple 
A treasure, to which everyone isn't blessed with
Life without a friend is deserted and cripple 

It's a precious crown to bestow to the one
Among the stones you have to find a gem
Who really deserves your love and loyalty
Whom you can walk with an open heart in glen  

A true friend, the one who comes into your life
When rest of the world tries best to put you down
An angel, who shrouds you with promising words 
And you, once more stand up to never get frown 

 It efflorescence your heart with joy and smiles
A true friend wants you to be your true self
Never pester you to be the one you never knew  
Walks beside you even when you hate yourself

Similar is the friendship you and I share
We speak our hearts with reassurance 
We are side by side miles apart 
You are special and close to my heart

And why we all can't be friends to spread
the light of fraternity and amity in the world
Of course we can, if we truly want to
We all will be the same like the color of our blood  

~Simran Kaur

About the Poet:
    I would heartily like to thank SIMRAN KAUR , my blogger friend from Gorakhpur, for accepting my request to be a guest blogger on my blog and write a poem for me.... She's an award winning poetry blogger who blogs at since the turn of 2010 . Im a big fan of her the way she lets her pen do the talking.

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