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Chennai Traditional or Modern ?

I am participating in the Tablog organized by Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC), where many bloggers cometogether and write on a topic. The Topic this time is "Chennai - a blend of Tradition and mordern".

    Its very well known to everyone that Chennai is amongst the top metro cities in this country and its population is booming at a quick pace. We see people come from different cultures and settle down here in Chennai cause of a various reasons. But, over a period of time as the city grows we see a lot of changes becoming a part of our life. We would love to stay with those old practices that we follow, but with time we adapt. In this blogpost, I'll share with you some modern changes and traditional changes that define our city

1. Filter coffee vs Starbucks/ cafe'

  Gone are those days I used to wake up to the smell of filter coffee my neighbor brewed. I would love to wake up to the smell again, but lost amidst busy schedule of life is the taste for coffee as well, with instant coffee and other alternatives we prefer going for them. Yes, there are many who still wake up to prepare coffee decoction, there are many tea stalls that server filter coffee, but only a few people seem to like this.
    On the other hand, being at a Cafe' or some place like Starbucks defines today's youngsters like and preferences. We (Chennai) are going global and are opening to international coffee clubs so that our people are not left behind when it comes to being on par with global levels.

2. Annachi shops vs Super stores/Malls

     There used to be a time, when we used to wake up early everyday and go to the nearby vegetable vendor (Annachi kadai) and get fresh vegetables and cook them fresh. Be it vegetables/ non veg (fish/chicken/meat) daily purchase and cooking seemed better

     There is another side to this, people prefer going to super stores/ malls and purchasing processed food, read to cook that makes them save a whole lot of time. Not only are the nutirents lost but also adds up enough of calories :(

3. Single screen vs Multiplex theaters

    Tamil cinema and theater's have been a part of Chennai for long. There once used to be a time where cinema would only be available on single screen theaters and people would travel long hours and wait for long to watch their stars

    With time came theaters with multiple screens that attracted larger crowd towards them and have still be a success...

4. Trade fair vs Mega sale.

    Every year on Kaanum Pongal, there is a traditional trade fair that happens in the city, where people from nearby and far villages come to Chennai to spend some quality time. For many this still serves a good source of income that serves them through out the year.

    On the other side, we see more and more shopping malls/ complex that attract people under the banner of mega sale, this might sound modern cause everything is available under one roof and has enough facilities to attract crowd. What's unique is both the Trade fair and the Mega sale end with a mega hit for the seller and the buyer as well.

5. Margazhi kolam in Tamizh vs Rangoli in English

    In the month of Margazhi we see people decorate their residential entrances with kolam from rice flour and write beautiful messages in Tamizh. But, over a period of time, the craze for this has gone down, with rangoli and other flowers people decorate their entrance or write messages of Happy new year in English.

Over a period of time things might have changed, but it also shows how people wanna try different things yet try to keep the tradition going. We seem to be losing a whole lot of tradition with time, be it in dressing or visiting religious places, its up to us to keep up with the modern life but equally not forget our cultures and tradition which define us.

The previous post in this series was written by Destination Infinty (a.k.a Rajesh). The next post in this series will be written by Prason Christopher

1 comment:

  1. Unlike me and a few others, your post is on-topic! Kudos to that. I am also concerned about eating fresh veggies vs. processed foods. I hope in spite of the modernity, we will be able to retain our traditional values.

    Destination Infinity


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