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My interview with PK and his take on blogging

This post dates to time when PK was last here in New Delhi, he was in love with Jaggu. Jaggu was my friend and had introduced me to PK. So, when I met PK he mentioned the fact that he was an alien, and was desperate to speak about his love to Jaggu and to get back his remote 'रीमोटवा' from Tapasvi Maharaj. I decided to write a poem for him in return for an interview with  me for my podcast and my blog, and he agreed to it...

But, when Jaggu came to know that I had interviewed him knowing the fact that he was an alien, she didn't want me to post this. Now that she is happy with Sarfaraz, I managed to plead her to post this blogpost... I hope you people will enjoy reading this...

Amid the interview, I happened to learn a lot from him, who did a wonderful research on blogging. Though I couldn't make the podcast, here goes my interview. Though he could understand my questions in English by holding my hand and reading my mind, he wasn't confident to answer in English, so he replied back in Bhojpuri, which I have translated here...

Me: Firstly PK ji, thank you for coming up to me and asking me to write a poem, I would be glad to write one for you..
PK: Dhanku Dhanku (Thank you , thank you)

Me: So PK ji, how did you come to know about blogs and blogging ?
PK: एक  रात को हम ससुरा अपन के गोले के बारे में गूगल करना चाहत था, तभी कुछ वेबसाइट मिला , लेकिन उसमे लोग फिरकी ले रहा थे  -अपन के गोले के बारे में- हाँ।  तभी अपन ने खुद का वेबसाइट बनाने का प्लानिंग किया।  लेकिन ससुरा वेबसाइट बनाने नहीं आवत हमे. तभी अपन ने जग्गू से आईडिया माँगा और उसने तुम्हारे को रेफेर किया। तुम्हे मिलत से पहले अपन ने ब्लॉगिंग पर रिसर्च किया और यहाँ आवत हैं.
(One night I was wanting to google what people on this earth feel about other planets where life could exist. When I read the reviews on some website, they had made an utter joke on existence of life on other planets. I wanted to tell the world the truth and wanted to create my website. Since,I was short of any ideas to create a website, I asked jaggu, who introduced me to you. So before visiting you I decided to do my research on website, blogs and everything.)

Me: Wow PK ji this is awesome, so what's your take on blogging ?
PK: ई गोला में लोग बोलत कुछ है और सोचता कुछ और है, लेकिन जब ब्लॉगिंग करत है, तब अपन दिल कि बात लिखत है ।
( People here, they say something and they mean something, but when it comes to blogging, they write their hearts out)
Me: आपने इसे सही कहा है PK ji ( you have said it absolutely right PK ji)

Me: So, you happened to read a lot about blogging when you were doing your research and you have previously mentioned it fascinates you, tell me a little more on this.
PK: ब्लॉगिंग में जो है, ब्लॉगर्स अलग- अलग भाषा और अलग- अलग शैली  में लिखत है, ई पढ़ने मारो बहुत मज़ा आवत हैं । हम थारो ब्लॉग और कुछ लोगत का ब्लॉग जग्गू के लैपटॉप पर पडत हैं जब हमे अपन कि गोले की याद आवत हैं ।
(The speciality about bloggers is the fact that they all write in different languages and write on different genres. I personally read your blog and some other bloggers when I feel lonely and miss people from my planet)

Me: PK ji, now that you have come here, with my help why don't you start a blog to spread the message you wanna say to mass public ?
PK: हम ब्लॉग खोलना चाहत हैं. लिकेन ससुरा टाइम ही नाही मिलत हैं जग्गू को देखत रहने से । आप जल्दी से एकत कविता लिख दीजिये जग्गू के लिए जो हम उसको दे सकत हूँ
(I would love to start a blog, but I have been a lot occupied now, mostly staring at Jaggu... and Im eager to see you write a poem odd for jaggu that I could give her)

Me: I would soon write it. but I'm eager to know if  you start a blog, would you start a blog on Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr ?
PK: किसे मैं भी अगर ब्लॉग खोलत से कौनो फरक नाही। ई ससुरा सब रॉंग नंबर हैं- जो हम दिल से लिखत हैं वही मुख्या हैं। अपन ब्लॉग करेगा किसे में भी, लेकन अपन ब्लॉग करेगा तो अपने गोले के अपने लोगों के बारे में लिखेगा और कभी काबर ई गोला के लोगत के फैशन और चलन के बारे  मैं ।
(It doesnt matter if you are blogging on any of these. Its a wrong number that has got into our minds. Its all about what we write from our heart. I would soon get to blogging and would write about people on my planet, also I would some times write about people on earth, their fashion and behavior on this planet.

Me: That is awesome, I'm desperately waiting for you to find success in your current work and find some time to start a blog. It was great to take this message from you on blogging... I would write a poem for you and hand it to you shortly.
PK: Dhanku (thank you)

- Sulaiman Sait

P.S - this blogpost is a work of fiction and doesn't resemble any actual person or a character.


  1. Wow! that's a hatt ke and very interesting post. You did put up nice questions and aah! those bhojpuri answers. Enjoyed it.
    I'm really impressed with your idea of indulging PK's views about blogging.

    1. Thank you simran.... glad you liked the post and appreciated this idea...

  2. Wonderful post, Sulaiman. Loved the inventive questionnaire, and PK"s Bhojpuri answers. :D
    We, bloggers do write from the heart.

    1. Thank you @Kiran ma'am
      indeed I wanted to point out we bloggers write from our heart...

  3. It was interesting yaar... Bhojpuri language was superb... :)

    1. @Aparna- thank you - it was my best attempt to try Bhojpuri... glad u liked it

  4. I haven't watched the movie yet. But I found this interview very interesting. However, this language is not Bhojpuri as Simran and Kiran mentioned in their comments.

    This is post is really creative. I liked the lines where PK says that when humans blog they speak their heart out and stay honest. This is so sweet. Blogging is one area where I can still find real people. I absolutely liked this. Very well done, Sulaiman. :)

    1. @Namrata ji- thank you... not sure if this is exact bhojpuri... but I copied the slang PK speaks to make up this blog post...

      And yes, PK found it right - bloggers speak their heart out on their blogs...
      Thank you once again :)


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