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     We live in a world where everyone likes to remain connected or stay updated with things in life and to satisfy this need of staying connected you can find a mobile phone in everyone's hand. Our dependability on the internet has increased and we can not spend a day without being online.Also knowing the fact that connectivity has become hassle free, its become easy for many to adapt this system of online connectivity. Sadly, at times with slow internet or poor connectivity, one's day ends up being constipated. 

Also, at times there could be various other issues which could hinder in between with our connectivity-such as poor signal, slow internet speeds or high cost which draws us out from our comfort zone letting us adapt to slow internet speeds.

If you are one of those who's forced out from your comfort zone, and made to crave for a good high speed internet.... well then - its time for a change. It's time to change to high speed internet with India's first 4G services from AirTel 4G.

Talking about myself, I am some one who loves speed and I crave for high speed internet. I have recently moved on to AirTel 4G. and here are list of things I would wanna do now with my new AirTel 4G connection.

1) Live Streaming of my podcasts with the Periscope app

For long I have been doing my podcast series of "Talk a thon with Sulaiman Sait", and now I have decided to add something interesting to it, and what could be better than doing a live streaming of my podcast series using the Periscope app. So gear up guys, season 3 of Talk a thon with Sulaiman Sait is gonna come live to your phones which will be powered by the speed of AirTel 4G.

2) Online Gaming

I'm someone who loves playing FIFA 15 over my phone and Tab and it requires high speed internet connection to download match packs and compete with other players online. I'm sure with my AirTel 4G. I'd easily be able to enjoy playing my games hassle free.

3) High Definition movie download

Gone are the days when we used to connect our computers to broadband connection and wait night long for a movie to download, that too in either 360p or 480p. Days have changed now and we have movies which come in High definition quality and with Internet speeds as this we get on AirTel 4G. I'm sure I'd be able  to download all my favorite movies with ease and might not have to wait for long hours. 

4) Continuous back up of files via cloud storage

Having files over cloud storage is always an advantage. For someone like me who uses multiple devices, I can't spend time seeing that my data is always present on my phone, tab or laptop. So, what I usually do is, upload my data over to a cloud storage and access them over the internet when so ever I need them on which ever device I need them. But, the major issue with accessing them is about internet speed. I'm now sure with my AirTel 4G. I'll be able to upload and download files over cloud storage with a simple touch that's powered by some wonderful connectivity.

5) Create a WiFi hostspot and enjoy unmatched speeds over my other devices

With everyone moving into wireless networks, I guess Its time I stop using the broaband at home which comes with limited speed and costs more. I'd now prefer to have a WiFi hotspot on my phone using AirTel 4G. and connect my laptop and Tab to the internet via my phone to get unmatched speeds and connectivity

If that's not it, I'll definitely look to download the whole internet with such wonderful speeds.

Now, here's the point- you too can fulfill all your wishes and do a whole lot of things over the internet by simply moving on the new AirTel 4G. which is now available in 296 cities and  comes at the same price as your 3G internet plan.

Also, if you are having a 4G ready phone and are wondering, how to get your 4G sim, well then, let me tell you - its just a tweet away from getting it delivered right to your door step

So what are you waiting for, look to upgrade to AirTel 4G. and do a whole lot more things tension free..!!

Here is their Television commercial for the AirTel 4G challenge

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