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     There are so many sports, and every game has its uniqueness, be it the lazy elegance of cricket or the fast pace of motor sports every game has its own way to entertain people; but, according to me there is one sport that stands way above all and that is football.

     I call my self a big football fan, cause I have learnt to live my life following those lessons I learnt from this beautiful game of football.

Football is not just about kicking the ball around, it is a lot more than that. One can easily relate the events happening on the football field to their real life. Here, in this blogpost below I'm writing 10 ways how one can relate football with their life and learn to ace in it.!!

1) The 90 minutes of the game on the field is like a lifetime, you get down on the field and face challenges and tackle difficulties to get results you desire

2) Always hard work, proper planning, unity and co-operation will give you a chance to score a goal and get best results

3) One might be chasing a game early (lagging), but never give up till the end because the game can still be won with the last kick of the game

4) One might have the hardest time on the field during 90 minutes , but staying focused and working with the basics without trying anything new would definitely save time

5) There are chances that one might have to face tougher opponents every time, but staying positive and taking it as a chance to learn from it is the best way to grow

6) Sometime a good shot can be saved by an excellent save by the goal keeper, but stay calm, even a deflected shot can win you a game- its all about patient build up and temperament

7) There are chances that one might get a red card, or be out for a while with injury, or might find the team relegated  -but that's not the end of life. This gives one enough time and a strong chance to learn from one's mistake and how to face such difficult times.

8) One's own mistakes might lead the team down (like an own goal, poor defending or missing an open goal), but once such a mistake happens, one can learn from such costly mistakes and see to it that its never repeated again

9) Everyone cannot be a champion or league leaders, but everyone is a champion by self for they give the champions a challenge and that's how one learns to step up the ladder.

10) Life is all about moving forward, just like how a player moves forward to strike a goal. So, if one has good pace and is focused, you are sure to win the game.

- Sulaiman Sait

1 comment:

  1. A goalie talking about forward ;) nice :)

    P.S: I know why you have got the thoughts of relegation ;)


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