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A new, day a new beginning, the clouds, the horizon get over the long lasting charcoal black, dark night which diminishes down to start the day fresh with the sun, spreading its golden rays of warmth and freshness to awaken mankind.

     Mornings are one of the toughest part of the day, the toughest part being the challenge of starting the day with a right mind set. A right mindset is usually set when the first ray of sunlight strikes against the skin. Not only for the UV rays and the benefit, but for an active beginning.

      A good morning is when a plant awakens to want of the warmth of the sun, waiting for it to be watered. The birds chirp their way out of their nests in search of food. Morning, when the golden yellow crops are ready to be harvested, when Indian Egret bird wait on one foot for the fishes to come upshore, so that they can fetch them up with their beaks, when fishermen return back from the sea, when young and the old set their foot for a morning walk.
That's the time when you can start your day afresh with a golden morning by being out there and watering the plants, by leaving some food for the birds, witness the farmers harvest their crops, see the fishermen return, spot an egret bird catch a fish and by setting the right foot forward seeking peace amidst nature. I'm sure everyone would be fascinated by the above lines and would love to see this be a part of their life, but might face challenges at various levels. Do not worry, here is my mantra for you to turn your good morning into a gold morning.

Mantra 1. Sleep properly
A proper sleep, would help reduce tiredness and will help you wake up with a fresh mindset and most importantly, peace of mind. Its important to see to that there is a proper bed with enough bedding and mattress to let you sleep in a comfortable position for the night. so when you wake up, there ain't any body pain.

Mantra 2.  Plan your next day in advance and say no to procrastination
Its always good to plan your day in advance a night before, so that when you wake up you don't really have to spend some extra minutes in the shower with a lousy mindset planning what to do. Also by saying no to procrastination, it would help reduce the stress you are going through

Mantra 3. Don't Snooze your alarm
Getting to snooze your alarm is considered to be one of the dullest way to get any day going, be it a sunday or a weekday, look to respond to the call of your alarm. Do the necessary things before deciding the pace for the day.

Mantra 4.Saying no to bed tea/coffee
Bed tea/coffee is one of the laziest ways to start one's morning. Many treat coffee as a morning drug to see their day going. Sadly, it does make them more lazy to move around a cozy bed without having to go to the kitchen.

Mantra 5. Proper Oral Care (Most important Mantra)
The first thing one does in the monring, is starting the day with a proper oral care, poor brushing habits or improper oral care can spoil your mood right away. Use the best quality oral care products like Colgate, which is recommended by dentists globally for a complete oral care.
Speaking about Colgate, their revolutionary new toothbrush, Colgate 360 Charcoal gold toothbrush is a unique toothbrush which can not only clean your teeth But has micro fine charcoal present along the spiral bristles will help clean and remove stains and help prevent plaque and fight germs.The toothbrush can also be used as a cheek and a tongue cleaner for overall oral care

Not every one wakes up with a golden spoon in their mouth, but you can start your Gold morning with Colgate 360 charcoal gold toothbrush- the golden standard of mouth cleaning.

After all, the first person whom you speak to in the morning should also be able to respond to your gold morning wishes without running away. So, what are you waiting for... ? Check out the new Colgate 360 charcoal gold tooth brush and wake up to a gold morning.

I'm sure keeping all the above Mantra's in mind and using the right things which suite you,it would help give you a fresh and a bright start to get your gold morning going.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic the way you have written. The points are very valid and culminating with Colgate is so logical a flow.

  2. Those are real good mantras. I should learn not to press the snooze button.


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