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     2015- Whoa! What a tremendous year it has been. Sadly, as time is never in control, its really difficult to admit the fact that we could forever stay in 2015 and watch the world go about in slow motion; But, abiding with the law of nature its that sad part of the year where we look forward to march towards a new calendar year - 2016 and hope it lives to our expectations. Nonetheless, Here are my wishes to a lovely 2016 in my own poetic style...

Looking back at the months that went by,
I contemplate, to those moments that brought joy.
The whole year busy with pleasure, joy and delight,
where life was sometimes colorful,sometimes black & white.

I'm now writing these lines in a state of shock,
with my eyes glued to the clock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
Restlessly waiting for the approaching new year,
With newer oaths to adhere.

The calendar on the wall says the same thing,
Time is vanishing, and we are ageing.
So lets lift our glasses
Forgetting our past, as burnt ashes

*Clock Strikes 12*

Now, wishing you for the happy days,
Let success reach you in myriad ways.
With true happiness and cheer,
I wish you all a happy happy new year.

--> Sulaiman Sait


  1. Wishing you a great year ahead! :D May the poet in you keeps spreading the words of joy forever. :D

  2. Hey sulaiman..may 2016 unfold d many layers of poetry hidden in u...n may u hv many more feathers in ur cap as 2016 takes its toll...i wish u all d very best....p.s.....ill always b proud of u

  3. What a beautiful composition! :)
    I am sure 2016 will bring in more success and happiness to you. Keep writing.


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