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Hospitals are health care institutions which provide health care and treatments to the diseased or sick in order to help them recover over their illness. There are many such hospitals which provide health care services, but when it comes to health care services with quality and trust, there is only one name that every Indian talks about "Apollo Hospitals".

Rated as the No 1 hospital among private sectors in India, Apollo Hospitals have constantly dominated this position for over a decade now and have excelled in all clinical and non clinical aspects. On the eve of 24th Feb 2017, I bagged my opportunity to visit Apollo Hospitals, Chennai (Greems road branch) to experience the facilities there and to share my thoughts.

To begin, I have grown up seeing Apollo Hospitals as it was the building right behind my school (Asan Memorial) and I have read all articles of brilliance about them across leading dailies. Upon have got a confirmation about visiting Apollo Hospitals I was excited, for it was the very first time I was to visit a hospital for a very different purpose apart from my usual purpose of being to a hospital for my clinical research activity or as I earlier used to visit as a student and then Intern, where I have spent years across various clinical departments learning the art of providing Medical and therapeutic care to patients. 
The visit began with my introduction with fellow bloggers from Chennai Bloggers Club and a chance to catch up with a few I haven't met for a while. Once we'd all settled into our seats, we were welcomed by the team from Apollo who had a visit well planned for us. A quick talk by the COO, following which we were taken to the annex building for our general body health checkup. Apollo hospitals had dedicated a building itself alone for health care check, which includes, health care check ups immigration purpose, for pilots making them the only approved center in Chennai for this. With floors dedicated for each activity, the building is well planned with ambient design and comfortable lounge areas.

My health care check up began with a Chest X-ray, where I could find the room properly made with thick concrete walls and radiation signs. My Chest X-ray was done and my CD was ready in a minute. What followed next was my 12 Lead ECG. It was pleasing to find the staff nurse perform the activity in a proper manner. I could see how well the ECG was performed as the staff rightly placed the ECG leads over my chest in an orderly manner.
Once I was done with my ECG, I was taken to the Phlebotomy area where blood sample was collected for my Hematology and biochemistry analysis. It was good to see proper Bio Medical waste management in place.

After sample collection and process, I was interviewed by a Medical officer following which I was examined by a senior Physician. It was wonderful having a conversation with him during the course of my Physical and systems examination. His approach towards patients reminded my of my General Medicine chief during my internship days, an attitude, I personally have tried to imbibe in my practice of responding to patients and hearing to their complaints.

This consultation was followed by a high class lunch, that ensured we never get exhausted for the remaining part of the day, where there was lot more to come. The lunch was followed by a brief talk by the bloggers before we made our way across to various department.

(i) The ED (Emergency Department)

Every hospital is known for their capability to handle and emergency case that is brought through the door. Apollo Hospitals is way beyond and advanced in this aspect. With a call on 1066 and the presence of over 50 highly equipped ambulances in different parts of the city, they start their life saving mission right from the ambulances. Once the ambulances reach the hospital, the patients are examined an a Triage, following which they are directed to designated level of emergency. The priority is given from serious cases to even cases which require monitoring. The number of staff nurse are placed for each patient based on the requirement.

(ii) Cath Lab
The Cath Lab is right behind the ED and if there is any urgent need to bring a cardiac patient from ED after attending to the emergency its at the Cath Lab. The Cath lab is equipped with leading medical imaging techniques and has some of the leading cardiac interventionists in the city. To add a note, The Apollo Hospitals abides also abides by the government capping on the prices of the stents and charges the same prescribed limits by the government.

(iii) RadioDiagnostic lab
The Radio Diagnostic lab at Apollo Hospitals is well equipped with a 3 T MRI scan and also has a 1.5 Tesla MRI as well. They have a tele-imaging department as well, where by expert opinion on MRI findings can be provided to patients at part of the country.

(iv) The Blood Bank (Transfusion department)
The blood bank situated at the basement, is seriously like no other blood bank I have ever visited. With multiple beds for donors to presence of high-tech  separation and transfusion units for making the most of the blood collected. The one thing I specifically liked about the blood collection units were the fact that every blood pouch has its own RFID that stores all the information about the collected blood till its used.

(v) Physiotherapy Department
Physiotherapy department is one place where patients come for rehabilitation. With high tech robotic and mechanized instruments, this physiotherapy department stands apart from any other physiotherapy department I have ever seen. they also have wax therapy, cryotherapy, laser therapy and what not. One interesting finding for me there was to spot the pressure mat and how the team worked to explain on the different pressure points on individuals feet. Not to forget, they also help customize footwear for reduced pain.

It was almost the end of time by the time we could complete our experience at the hospital. I did have a glancing look at the other departments which equally were world class. With over 4,000- 6,000 foot falls of trust walking everyday in Apollo Hospitals with trust it is indeed sure that best form of health care is available at this Quaternary Care hospital. Having tie ups with leading health care providers in the world, Apollo Hospitals has excelled in bringing world class treatment and care to the people of this country. Apart from having earned their name for excellence in India, they also see a lot of people who come from different parts of the world to seek treatment and to leave with better health, thanks to the expertise available at Apollo.

Note: This is an unbiased review by the blogger after having been invited to Apollo hospitals to experience Apollo hospitals as a part of #ApolloThroughMyEyes . The review here does pertain to difference in opinion one may have.

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