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Colgate is one of the leading brands when it comes to dental care. One of the best ways to start your day and chase away those lousy mornings is when you brush your teeth with  Colgate. Having used  Colgate among my choice of toothpaste I was glad to receive a hamper from them in order to craft a magical story with kids in the family.
The Colgate packs had stories on the inner side, which had to be cut and made into a story which the little one in the family could relate it too.

For this Story, I was with you youngest cousin brother - Aseem, who's in his junior KG. The Story reolves around 3 parts (i) The Space launch (ii) The Space Walk and (iii) Alien Planet. I have also taken Aseem to be the protagonist of the stories as he was joyous when the characters were revolving around him while we built the story.

(i) The space launch.

Aseem has always had an interest in Astronomy and has desired to bee there chasing the stars. It all started with his very young days, where he has seen radium lit starts on the ceiling top. That's when he desired to be there reaching for them.

He worked his way and made it to the ISRO, where he was selected as a lead Astronaut for their maiden man in universe mission. He was selected along with Ayisha, India's leading, female astronomical scientist. Aseem and Ayisha were all geared up and were undergoing their in house training for surviving in treacherous conditions outside planet earth. The countdown was going on right at the back of their mind as the days neared. They made their way to the space station as they bid a goodbye to their parent.The control room staff took their seat as Aseem and Ayisha entered the space craft and sat inclined on their seats. The National media focussed on them and as the countdown was near. Aseem remembered those great words of Adivse he heard from the great Dr. Abdul Kalam whom he conceptualized as his idol, While Ayisha was recollecting her memories from Childhood. There was a heavy thrust as the space craft took off. Aseem and Ayisha look into each others eyes as the control team was giving them standing instructions. Within a span of 2-3 minutes, they started lightweightless as they left the earth's gravitational force. Their mission to the space station was a day away from there. They were all ready for the action.

(ii) The Space Walk

Aseem and Ayisha were all prepared to make it to the space station. The space station which had India's biggest telescope that looked at stars light years ahead and also those antennas that connected to the mars mission and the other satellites in place. To read the space station, they had to leave out from this nutshell and enter a vaccum area from where they would be let free into the space. 
They were scared yet excited. Aseem had his adrenaline rush seeing the planets he had only read about. (My cousin had a shiver down his spine, as we discussed this, his smile was un match able as we decided to get back to the story). He made his way into the space station and got into the work. Ayisha was assisting Aseem as he was able to do all the required activities that were directed from the space station. They even required to have a small nap floating in free space. Aseem found it challenging as he was literally afraid of getting missed in free space. The work was done and it was a great success for Indians as man in space mission was a success. Towards the closing of the mission and the return back, there was some disturbance in the signals. The team from ISRO was worried.

(iii) Alien Planet.

The signals that were coming were wild and soon, from no where Aseem found him self amidst aliens who had a very tiny planet, un-identifiable by anyone over the years. He was taken away from Ayisha. Aseem was able to understand that the aliens were keenly wanting to know what was it like to live on earth.

They held Aseem's hand and were able to see through his eyes. Aseem got furious as he faught like a hero with the aliens and used their weapons against them. It was had to see him finish all the aliens who wanted to take away Earth's secrets from him. Ayisha came there in the space vehicle and they planted the Indian flag there before making their way back to the space shuttle that made its way back to India.

The story that happened in real space on the un-known alien planet was unbelievable when shared with people down on earth. Video clippings weren't evident of anything as the aliens were visible only in space and not on any camera.

Aseem (my cousin) had his inputs on the story he and I built together. His questions at various instances made me think a lot at we were able to plot this story. He really liked the happy ending. 

This story was the way as how  Colgate fights un-noticed plaques in teeth, when compared to the way Aseem fought the unseen aliens. 

Leaving a couple of photos of my cousin who built the story of The Space Journey.

I'm blogging my #ColgateMagicalStories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

P.S - This blogpost is a work of fiction created in association with a 3 year old smart kid. All characters in this story is fictious and doesn't resemble to any place, indivudual or person either living or dead. Any such co-incidence is purely co-incidental. 

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