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Sometimes its really difficult to select who your Inspiration/ role model is, especially when you are born in a generation where a lot of legends have established themselves.
But, here is one, Petr Cech - Chelsea's all time best Goal Keeper.

 But what makes him so special?
     Well, Petr Cech joined Chelsea in 2004 from French team Rennais, and was starting regularly. In 2005 Cech set a new premier league record of 1025 minutes without conceding a goal.

    He was doing really well until an injury that changed his life forever. On 14th October 2006 in a match against Norwich, Cech was caught by a trailing knee of Steven Hunt, who got the big Czech Republic goalkeeper down , fainted. His injury needed an immediate surgery, covering it up with over 30 stitches.

     He returned back to the league next year and was playing with a rugby kinda skull cap to protect his injury. Every time he plays, he puts his life on risk. His passion has never shattered even after facing a near-death injury

    He has won almost all club tournaments at Chelsea including the Champions league, where the match was decided on penalty's and Cech stood up when needed. Cech has also won the UEFA Europa cup, 3 Premier-Leagues, 4 FA cups, 2 league-cups, and 2 community-sheilds for the team. And his indivudual awards include Golden glove for 2004-05, 09-10 Chelsea player of the year 2011, UEFA club awards for best goal keeper 2005,07, 08 and consequtive golden balls from his country from 2005-13. Even the greatest of players like Messi hasn't scored against Cech in 6 major clashes.

     What's so inspirational about him is his simplicity, hardwork, dedication and above all never give up attitude. He is a team player, a clever tactician and a very humble person, and above all - a person who has earned his name and respect and lives it with pride

Hero's are not born everyday, but a hero within anyone cane be born any day.

Here is a youtube Video displaying his skills and class

Sulaiman Sait
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