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I'm Addicted to IPL.... Are you ??

Every summer in India is special. People keep waiting for the summer? Why ?No, its not for the season of mangoes.... its for IPL carnage.... Full of excitement, full of entertainment. Every household, every hostel or every store, its IPL that's on TV. Everyone talks about IPL.  Afterall, we are a cricket loving nation and T20 cricket has now mutated our genetics in such a way that even someone who hates cricket would surely develop a liking towards the game

    Now, with almost 4 weeks over at the 7th edition of Indian Premier League and most of the matches ending in the final over and high chances of any team winning the silverware... I have become an ardent lover of this game.. The other day it was a tough decision for me to decide between travelling and Chennai Super Kings match...

    I had to travel to Jaipur for a conference, where I was supposed to present my research paper in a couple of days. I had a whole group of firends who were along with me to attend the conference.. I somehow managed to get into the train, with my mind totally wondering what would happen about the match... I didn't feel like conversing with my co-passengers cause it was a match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. Only then I saw that advertisement" Kanna Keep calm, watch IPL on" play on a tv at the station.

   As soon as the train started, I took out my laptop, connected my dongle and logged on to and there was the match centre... I started enjoying the match, and all of a sudden, my laptop battery went down.... There was no way, I could continue watching the match... Also this wan an old compartment and no charger points were there... I came up with an idea, and my friends helped me making it success, we opened the junction box where the power switch was connected and somehow managed to connect to my laptop.... and by the time I had got the streeming, I had missed half the innings from CSK who were batting...

All of a sudden the ticket checker came this way and saw the way we were drawing power from the junction box... He was on a verge of collecting a fine from us, and we had to pay the fine and wait for him to leave.... How bad... well, it didn't matter much... The moment the ticket checker left, we connected the laptop to the junction box and got back to the match... we took turns and were looking if the Ticket checker was anywhere near...It was something really crazy that I did and we all enjoyed the match from the from the toss... and if you are wondering, 'from the toss' ???  how???

That's the timeline specialty feature on . From Mohit Sharma's purple cap winning efforts till efforts Smith, Faf du plesis and Dhoni's match winning batting ... I saw the whole match flawless on my laptop using the timeline feature, where one can go back in time and catch up with the missed action.. Not only my friends there was a small crowd of co passengers who gathered around to enjoy the game with us. Thanks to that I didn't miss a single ball of the game.
Live streaming screen shot
The other features of quick score board, zip clips and infograhics makes you understand the game like a pro. I would highly recommend for any ipl updates if you are on your move..

real time features on

so, Like me, if you are addicted to cricket, and unable to watch the game??  #KannaKeepCalm and watch IPL on
but, beware while doing some really naughty things....

-->Sulaiman Sait

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  1. Nice post.... I was a big fan once... Now feel it's just another game..

  2. I do that with my hubby. I liked your post.

    Vinayaka Vidhya


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