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10 crazy reasons you can make not to miss a single ball during IPL

    IPL( Indian Premier League)  fever has hit everyone, And, I'm someone who hasn't been a big fan of this game until recent, and when I started watching, this IPL fever got to me as well.

Now I have become a bigtime #ChennaiSuperKings fan and I love supporting them....

Well, you might love your team as well and would definitely not wanna miss a single ball especially with those last over finishes coming up quite frequently ... But, sometimes......, rather unfortunately, you might get held up or have some work that might kill the time before the match..
Don't worry... I'll help ya out...

Here are a few reasons you can make to watch your favorite IPL match without missing a single ball. So Kanna Keep Calm and try using them

#1 --> "Boss, I got a call.. someone has got into my house, I gotta go... " next day (after the match) - it was a prank call :(
someone is getting into your house, maybe a robber

#2 --> I have an Acne on my face, and I have an appointment with a dermatologist.. can I leave (with a sad face pointing at the acne). If there is no acne.... paint an acne :P
Acne trouble

#3 --> Create a fire/bomb prank call at your office and run away from there

prank call 

#4--> Bring a pet snake and let it create a havoc, while you can make a move from there
snake in office

#5--> Act paranoid and create a scare all around.... Trust me you gotta be a pro while doing this...
paranoid expressions

#6--> Ask your friends to dress up like gangstas and let them kidnap you.... but, beware... your boss might just call the cops :)

#7--> Go the rest room and come out shabbily dressed (holding your stomach)... pretend like you have had a horrible stomach upset and desperately need to get home
stomach upset (c) google images

#8 --> If you are in college, and have realized that your team is playing early and you cannot simply bunk. Then, leave you bag in the class, you will get your attendance while you enjoy the game

classroom- leave your bag and escape

#9-->Make a dummy of you sitting/sleeping in the cabin/ workplace while you escape

Here is a good dummy to replace you at your workplace

#10 -->  If you have an important meeting, and you are bored listening to your boss speak, create a self call on your phone repeatedly with ' comeon bulawa aaya hai' ring tone, divert your boss's attention and try to stream live telecast at the conference hall

IPL in office

And even after trying the above reasons/ techniques you fail... well, dont worry--> you can log on to , rewind the live telecast, with action replay and watch ball to ball action, see player statistics, zip on the highlights section...All you gotta do is Kanna Keep calm and watch #PepsiIpl on

Pepsi IPL on

-->Sulaiman Sait
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