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"If you don't know which novel to decide, and want a master story full of twists, you can always pick up a Sidney Sheldon book "
Memories of Midnight
Sidney Sheldon

  It was yet another Flipkart voucher that I won this time for a blog-post and I decided to redeem it for this book of Sidney Sheldon - Memories of Midnight, which reached me a couple of days before...

    Though this is said to be a sequel of "The other side of Midnight" written by Sidney Sheldon himself in 1973, Memories of Midnight has that special factor, which makes it one of his best Novels.  If you are an ardent reader, I'm sure you would never wanna keep this book down till you finish the last page.

Memories of Midnight- Sidney Sheldon
 The story begins with a couple of voices discussing certain plans to commit a murder, elsewhere there is lady, who has lost her memory and finds herself at a convent. The only thing she remembers is her name ' Catherine Douglas'. The world thinks she was murdered by her husband Larry Douglas and his mistress Noelle Page, but its olny Constantin Demiris who knows she's alive. Constantin is a leading business tycoon in the world and knows how to clear people of his path. Constantin Demeris (also called Costa) retrieves Catherine from the convent, takes her home in Greece and asks her to work for his office in London. Though he had a differnt plan, making her work there was just a reason. While Catherine resides at Costa's place, she is noticed by Melina who is Costa's current wife.
Catherine was later sent to London saying that her husband Larry and her mistress Noelle were prosecuted and sent to death by the court for attempting to murder her. While the untold truth was Costa got them prosecuted and made guilty in front of the court by tricking them with this lawyer Napolean Chostas . Costa sent Catherine to London to work under him, so that he can keep an eye at her, and when time comes take revenge on her, for the way her husband Larry, who ran away with Noelle (Costa's Love). The defendent judge knew the matter, yet decided to keep quite. He was offered to work under Chostas, but denies, soon he follows his fate, so does Chostas who dies in a building fire.

     Elsewhere Melina has a brother Spyrous Lambrou, who is the second largest business tycoon after Costa. He hated the way Costa treated Melina, for Melina had a miscarriage and could never bear a child. He always wanted to take revenge on Costa. There is a big drug racket, where the police are behind Tony Rizzolli, who finds that escaping out from the city could only be possible with Lambrou's ship, but Lambrou takes this as an oppurtunity to ruin Costa, but Costa plays a clever game and escapes from the middle of the sea. He later arranges 3 men from Athens to go to London and take over everything.

    Back at London, Catherine enjoys her work and soon, soon she sees the death of her co worker- Kirk Reynolds and later fall in love with a psyciatrist Alan Hamilton, where she visits to mention about those scary dreams that she has at midnight, where someone was planning to murder her. Along with 3 men who come to study the operations at London, there is a boy, who was focussed and desperate in his work.

    At Greece, Melisa is dead and Costa is framed for her murder, but Costa knew Melissa had committed suicide and framed her husband. Costa is found guilty and jailed till prosecution. Lambrou comes to know about Catherine.  He somehow orders the death of Catherine at London. Catherine, spoke everything to Alan, and how she suspected those 3 men to murder her anytime. But, when she leaves the office, the little guy who worked with them gets hold of Catherine and ties her to a boiler which would exploder and the whold building could collapse.

    What happens next ? Does Catherine escape ? Does Alan save Catherine ? Was Costa found guilty ? you gotta read the book to live the end of this story...

My Review
There are many who say, you gotta read The other side of Midnight, before reading this.. Well, I say its not necessary... cause if you are a skilled reader, you would soon pick up the characters.

About the book, Its a faced paced, gripping and an un-put-downable book from Sidney Sheldon. The plot is very engaging and has everything to keep the reader going. If you are a Sidney Sheldon fan or a mystery novel lover you would really have a great time reading this. I personally had goosebumps and strong adrenaline as the story neared the climax. Its surely gonna be an unforgettable book down my reading history.

My Rating : 4.5/5

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