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Sometimes, Its so hard to listen to a woman who has undergone a lot of physical, mental and emotional torture, that she ends up taking a wrong step. This is one such poem where a woman falls for a guy and marries him, following which the guy turns brutal on her. She resists him as long as she could and then she takes a strong decisive action which leads her to various consequences and criminal action upon her, yet she decides not to reveal anything... But, one fine day..............

After a long gestation of silence,
she finally spoke, about her stolen innocence.
Though she was totally broken,
She decided her silence must be spoken.

It all began that wedding night,
when they kissed each other tight.
He promised to love her,
But, it was till the function was over.

She believed, put her faith in him.
He broke her legs, so she doesn't leave him.
Yet, she believed his love was true,
But, he hit her black and blue.

He promised, none would love her more,
But, catches her hair and drags her over the floor.
Yet, She remained calm,
by singing her religious psalm

Sometimes, he praises her face and her eyes,
But, after his booze, he goes down to split her thighs.
She tries resisting, as he starts pounding,
Yet he never stopped, seeing her bleeding.

He made promises that she could believe,
Fed up of his lies, she remained naive.
She wanted to leave, she wanted to run away,
But her relationship was at bay.

She mourned, pleading at God's sake,
He warned her, leaving him was a big mistake.
Finally, she decided to do something psychologically harder,
He blocked her way and she pulled the trigger.

--> Sulaiman Sait 
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  1. so much cruelty...but at least she decided to do something about it at last! nice! all the best for BAT!

    1. @The Little Princess --> Yes, the character in this poem had no other option ... but had to take a violent step...
      Thanks for ur wishes :-)

  2. Harsh reality well expressed. U managed the pass on the angst, stress and helplessness the protagonist undergoes in the plot.. Well conveyed. All the best for Batom

    1. @Vinyoma : Indeed harsh :( Thank for reading and leaving ur comments... And, thanks for your wishes as well...

  3. nyc poem...should raise voice against ds cruelities.....

    1. @Aparna --> Thanks... Indeed we need to raise voice against such cruelties... There was a bell bajaoo campaign... but it failed :(

  4. The harsh and bitter truth - I say this once - I say this again - alcohol is the root cause of all problems!!!!

    1. @Mahesh --> Indeed alcohol has been a root cause for many such problems... but something has to be done.. :(

  5. This is touching and true. I have seen such cases around. Beautifully carved with words and rhymes.
    Silence is a dangerous thing , when it breaks something voracious happen.

    Had a great read :)
    All the best

    1. @Simran : Thanks.... Indeed silence is dangerous when something like this happens....
      Glad you enjoyed reading this....
      ATB for BAT as well :-)

  6. scary story and yet this happens. beautiful put in with powerful as the cruelty it expresses

    1. @The Fact-fiction --> Thank you mam, Indeed it had to be cruel to make it powerful.... :( Thanks for reading and leaving your comment :-)

  7. Harsh reality rhymed beautifully. Keep writing for BAT Good luck!!!

    Someone is Special

  8. nice poem, ending was superb he deserves such fate

    Silence Must Be Heard

    1. @Cifar Shayar --> Thank you... Indeed, I felt that the character needed that kinda fate... :(
      Thanks for reading and leaving you comment :-)

  9. You have beautifully expressed the pain, agony and desperation.
    Very well-written.

  10. I did not see that end coming. Beautiful rhyme about pain, distress, agony but also about grit, determination and the will to change.

  11. Many can identify with her story. Silence must be broken. A powerful poem, Sulaiman.

    1. Indeed @Saru Ma'am. Thanks for reading and leaving you comment :-)


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