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Where to get best Idly-Sambar in Chennai ?? Top 5 restaurants, form the chapter "Idly-sambar for the taste lovers soul....."

    Idly and Sambar have become a staple breakfast dish for every south Indian. So, what is so very special about this Idly Sambar ?? Well, they are healthy, easy to digest, packed with enough dietary essentials and form a perfect breakfast, with which you can kickstart your day.

     I might not be a big time foodie, but when it comes to Idly- Sambar, I have a special liking for it. Though I might not be from a South Indian family, I have very well adapted here and adopted this dish. There are two things that I usually look for in Idly Sambar combo
1. The idly should be soft
2. Sambar should have the perfect taste.

     Soft Idlies might be easy to make at home, by having the right ratio's while preparing the dough, but to get that special taste of sambar taste is really difficult... and I crave a lot for sambar (probably cause we make sambar in a different way at home).

    So what I decided to do these holidays, is to go around the city, and check out some restaurants where the best Idly- Sambar is served in Chennai.

I titled my Idly Sambar taste hunt journey as "Idly-Sambar for the taste lovers soul"

here are the top 5 restaurants where you can get the best Idly -Sambar. (I have added my reviews along)

#5 --> Hotel Shree Balajee Bhavan

     My "Idly-Sambar for the taste lovers soul" journey started from here, mainly cause it is quite close to my residence.... The Idly- Sambar served here is good

Idly-Sambar (taste) : (3.8/5)
Cost : approx 35 rupees (2 ildies + Sambar) (4.5/5)
Hospitality : good (3.5/5)
What I like : The vada (vadai) is good here, quite soft when compared to other restaurants
What I dislike : Sometimes, when there's a lot of crowd pouring in, you gotta share your table. Also you gotta wait for a longer time to get a parcel home

#4 --> Murugan Idly Shop

   I entered Murugan Idly Shop, to check if it stood up to the expectation... Well, It actually did. The Idlies here are so very soft, that you would never know when you are done with your meal

Idly Sambar (Taste) :(4/5)
Cost : approx 50 rupees (2 idlies + Sambar) (3.7/5)
Hospitality : Good (3.8/5)
What I like : Soft, Soft Idlies. There are the masters of soft Idlies worldwide
What I dislike : Some times you gotta wait for your turn outside the restaurant, and I kinda feel weird. Also, The cost is quite high.

#3 --> Hotel Saravana Bhavan

Hotel Saravana Bhavan has a repetition of its own, with over 20 restaurants in Chennai, over 50 in India and a lot more abroad. Moving on to the review

Idly Sambar (Taste) :(4.2/5)
Cost : approx 50 rupees (2 idlies + Sambar) (3.7/5)
Hospitality : Good (4.2/5)
What I like : The way Idly- Sambar is served at Saravana Bhavan was a lot hygienic than other restaurants I had been before
What I dislike : It takes a long time for your order to come, you can finish some 15-20 tweets by then :(

#2 --> Welcome Hotel, Pursaiwalkam   

There is something really special about this place, Every time you cross this restaurant, the smell of sambar pulls you in from the main road.

Idly Sambar (Taste) :(4.5/5)
Cost : approx 30 rupees (2 idlies + Sambar) (4.7/5)
Hospitality : Very Good (4.5/5)
What I like : The way Idly-Sambar is served here is different, the waiter brings Idly, in a plate, and has sambar in a mug and then, he pours it over your idlies, and your plate is full
What I dislike : Waiters and cleaners moving around in shorts :( poor parking space :(

#1 --> Triplicane Rathna Cafe'

I call it Sambar lover's paradise. Probably the best I have ever had in my lifetime. It might not be amidst the best locality, but has been the best for at least last 60 years

Idly Sambar (Taste) :(4.9/5)
Cost : approx 35 rupees (2 idlies + Sambar) (4.5/5)
Hospitality : Excellent (4.7/5)
What I like : The way Idly-Sambar is served here is quite similar to Welcome hotel,where the waiter totally submerges your idlies in sambar. The waiter has an eye on your plate, and the moment half the sambar in your plate is over, he ladles is out from a huge mug to refill your plate... I was not sure if I had Idly with sambar as side-dish or sambar with idly as side dish :P
What I dislike :  poor parking space :( poor location where it is situated, the roads get a lot crowded during peak morning hours.

--> Sulaiman Sait

P.S --> These reviews are totally based on my experiences at these restaurants that I had been recently. I have tried out other restaurants as well : Mr & Mrs Idly, A2B (Adyar Ananda Bhavan), Amma Unavagam and IRCTC. Your views might differ from mine... Also, your taste might differ from mine, but if you feel, I have missed out on any restaurant, do let me know... I'm ever-ready to taste the best and make changes in this blogpost...

So, now that you have read the blogpost, I want you to vote on the poll below... So that, I can know how does my choice vary from the people from Namma Chennai....

According to you, where do you get the best Idly-Sambar in Chennai ?
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Back home, I have been following a cook book with south Indian recipes and taking tips from my co-bloggers to make the perfect sambar at home....
till I get the combination right, do check out this book that I have been using, its really useful....


  1. Sangeetha hotel and Hot Chips restaurant are also not bad - do consider it for your next rating. I want to eat in that Welcome Hotel, 2-3 ppl. have already recommended it to me! Murugan Idly shop idlys are not as good as what you'll find in their main branch at Madurai. Even Jigar dhanda is better there.

    Destination Infinity
    PS: If you want to eat best idly/sambar, go to Madurai. Even the roadside eateries there have tasty stuff :)

    1. @Destination Infinity : I remember having it at Sangeetha Hotel a few days back... Yes its good, very much hygenic... but I really didn't like the taste as you get at Welcome Hotel or Ratna Cafe'

      Sure I would love to visit Madurai to taste them

      Thanks for reading and posing the comment

  2. Yummm!
    Idli sambhar is my fav. and was one of the most wanted dish on my birthday too :) :D
    I enjoyed reading your review . I observed wherever the Idli sambhar is, it is most wanted.
    I will surely visit Triplicane Ratna Cafe whenever I am there.

    And yea...Idli sambhar collage is very tempting <3

    1. @simran --> You definitely gotta come here to taste them :-)


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