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     Friendship is one of the special gift of life. True friendship is something even special, It teaches you love, caring, sharing, appreciation, exasperation, exaggeration and expressions. One who has friends is really lucky, and I feel blessed to have a whole lot of friends who have been along with me during my joy and hardships. This poem here is dedicated to my friends... Thanks for being a part of my life, and do continue supporting me.....

Friendship is like a rose flower,
in an arid garden of a hectare,
surrounded by a barbed wire,
where, finding the right stem is a treasure.

Such attractive is its color,
of such an exquisite flower,
a beauty such sublime
threatening to go dull with time.

The fragrance of its petals,
raising from its follicles,
wanting to spread its scent,
that you'll carry some distant.

What hurts is a thorn,
that asks to be left scorn,
yet, a part the flower,
that protects from the outer.

True friendship is like a daily blooming rose,
that never fades away when preserved close,
nor does it shrivels, drops down or goes exhaust,
also the fragrance is never lost...

--> Sulaiman Sait.


  1. I love the last stanza describing about the essence of friendship. Thank you so much for such a beautiful dedication. Priceless !! Happy friendship day :) :) may the rose of our amity bloom everyday with more of strengthen bond.

  2. Friends may b many
    But only some can give many a memory.
    Like u n poetry ;)

  3. I like the allegory in this poem, Happy Friendship Day

  4. Indeed, a heart-touching poem on friendship. Needless to say, those who have true friends in their life are the luckiest person in this world.


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