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To, My Dear Diary...

My Dear Diary

My Diary,Every night, you come to my rescue,
as you await for me to complete you.
With every page, I pour out my soul,
with lot of emotions to console.
You remain unruffled, seeing me weep
all through those hours of darkness, I could't sleep.

My Diary,I write to you with my mighty pen,
sharing my daily happenings, like a talesmen.
You read all those secret fantasies in my head,
and never did you ever scoff at me, instead,
you conjectured to every lie that I ever bred,
and showed me my happy past till the night went dead.

My Diary,I admire the patience you have,
to combat my distress with your salve.
You fill the wantings of my craze,
and with ease, my loneliness you erase
How I really wish you transform to life,
like a real life friend, to end my strife.

-> Sulaiman Sait

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  1. So beautiful :)
    I too have the same kind of emotions attached with my Dear Diary carrying all my secrets and feelings unsaid :)

    I like that pic too :D

    1. @Simran --> Thank you :-)
      Indeed those memories you have with ur diary are something special....

      Glad you liked that pic :-)

  2. Hi Dear,
    I love reading your here's something to praise you with :)


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