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Memory Intrigues - Chapter 23

This is the TwentyThird chapter in the series “Game of Blogs” for the team “ Dynamic Word Weavers” as a part of # CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.

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The story so far:

* * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * *   *  *  * *
Dutta's daughter Roohi goes missing and the kidnappers ask for the memory card's password. Elsewhere Jennifer lands in Mumbai and is happy to know Shekar and Tara are in distress. She feels her plan to separate them both is going well. A blast from the past shows a bonding between Mr Motwani and Jennifer and their best laid plans. But, to their awe Ahuja and Roohi are missing... Will it cause a hhindranceto their plans.. what happens next..?

* * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * *   *  *  * *
Jennifer arguing with Shekar "You promised we'll stay together for ever"
What happened to those promises that you made.....??

Jennifer hears of Roohi’s disappearance and is shocked, not knowing how to react to the news she has just heard from the editor.

“Damn, this little b****, she had to just go missing just when everything was going so fine” Jennifer mutters resorting to profanities, as she moves towards the exit of the arrivals section.

Jennifer tries calling Motwaniji again, but his line is busy.
“Let me go visit Shekhar,” she grins as she leaves the airport complex.

She hires a cab and directs the chauffeur to Shekhar’s residence.

The taxi is held up in Mumbai’s traffic and sitting inside, Jennifer is very worried about Roohi’s disappearance; just then an idea pops into her mind.  She decides to roll the dice and poison Shekhar’s mind against Tara.  This is like a snake and ladder game for her, where Shekhar’s love for Tara would go down and his love for her would increase.

Jennifer reaches Dutta’s residence.  She leaves the luggage in the taxi as she makes her way up the apartment.  She notices Ahuja’s residence locked as she passes it to knock on the door of the Duttas.

Shekhar opens the door and is surprised to see Jennifer there.
“Come in Jen.... Jennifer… is everything okay? Where were you all these days,? I have been so worried about you. I could not get you on your phone, none of your friends seemed to be aware about your whereabouts". Shekhar welcomes her inside where he’s alone. He looks dull.  Jennifer is unable to resist a smug reply:  “Everything is fine with me, I’m in safe hands now… what’s happened to you?  You look so dull.”

Shekhar murmurs in a low voice “My daughter, Roohi… She’s been kidnapped… It has something to do with that memory card you sent me”

Tara parks her car in the parking lot and takes the stairs to their apartment.  She sees the apartment door open.  She rushes in half anxiously, half hopefully, only to find Jennifer sitting inside and talking to Shekar.

Jennifer is seeing Tara for the first time; she gives her the once over; Tara is tall, fair and has blemish less skin; her short black hair with golden coloured bangs add glamour to her appearance.  Her way of dressing is very prim & proper and she is wearing formals & high heels.

Tara registers a hint of worry on her face as she pulls off her heels to make her way into the house.

The sight of Tara makes Jennifer’s blood boil and she blurts out “Oh!  So you are Mrs Dutta..!”
“Yes” Tara replies not trying to hide her annoyance...

“So nice to see you.   I am sorry it has to be such an occasion.  I hear your little girl has gone missing.  Of course, that has not done anything to detract from your charm!  You still look your very best.  Hats off to you!  Not everyone can look so immaculate in the midst of a crisis.  But then, Tara Datta is something else altogether, isn’t she?  How is your work going?  I hear you are one hot shot journalist!  You have got a lot of sensational news aired of late!”   “Shut up Jennifer… Tell me what have you come here for…” Tara raises her voice, riled by Jennifer’s sarcasm.

Jennifer boldly replies “I have come here to get back my Shekhar”
“What do you mean by your Shekhar? He’s my husband” Tara retorts in a state of anger.

Jennifer moves to Shekhar, and in a seductive manner, traces a line with her index finger over Shekhar’s face and says “Remember those days, when you loved me, those days when you promised never to stay away from me?  Remember those days??  Where are those promises?… You ran away saying your parents were against our marriage…”

“Jennifer, stop it!  I just told you, that was all in the past.  We parted as friends and we remain friends.  That will never change.  It is too late now for what you are dreaming of,” Shekhar intervenes.

How did it get so late so soon?  You promised to love me till death do us part, it’s not even 10 years.”
Shekhar pushes Jennifer away.

Tara moves close to Shekhar and hugs him tight.  A tear rolls down her cheek.  She might not have been on good terms with Shekhar recently, but that does not mean she does not love him.

Jennifer, looking aggrieved moves towards Shekhar “All these years, I’ve been waiting for you… Give me an answer”
 “You have already taken away our happiness and you are the reason for our daughter going missing… Now you want Shekhar?? NO WAY...” Tara fumes.   “Get out of here Jen, before I throw you out of my flat” she shrieks.

“Your flat?  Why don’t you say Shekhar’s flat” Jennifer tries to fuel Tara’s anger further.
“I don’t see it’s any business of yours!”

Shekhar tries to keep his calm, but has to react to the verbal warfare taking place in front of him. He speaks to Jennifer politely
“Listen Jen, I have told you once and I am telling you again….it’s all over between us… You’ve got to forget me… a very long time has passed by and a lot of water has flown under the bridge… I have a life of my own, I have a family now… a family which is in danger of losing its blood… yes.. my daughter is missing… and only you can help us..”

Everything is quiet for a moment. Tara is left bereft of words…
Shekhar decides to continue “Listen Jen, I need the password to that memory card… that alone can save my daughter and restore my family happiness, if that means anything to you and if you really love me as much as you claim.”

Jennifer laughs “Family… haha you made your life, got a family, what about me Shekhar… What about me ?… you shattered my dreams… broke your promises…didn’t even bother to help me when I was in need of you… you are a bloody traitor Shekhar… a bloody hypocrite!  And now you have the gall to request me to help you?  Who do you think you are?”

With tears running down her cheeks, Jennifer storms out of Shekhar’s flat… she doesn’t leave quietly… She looks back at Shekhar and continues shouting “You are a traitor Shekhar… you are a bloody traitor”…….

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  1. Great job Sulaiman. Really interesting turn of events.

  2. Excellent continuation, Sulaiman. Shekar should have been surprised to see Jenni walk in to the house! What will she do NEXT? Team Dynamic Wordweavers is REALLY GOOD :)

    Destination Infinity

  3. The war of words between Jenny and Tara nicely portrayed. Will Shekar be able to get the password???? waiting to read the next chapter

  4. CHAPTER 23
    The turn of events is disappointing. It appears now that the password was planted deliberately by Jennifer as a ploy for a bargain. The story is picking up in acceleration. Well done Sulaiman


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