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Diwali- A festival of lights, a festival of togetherness

    Year in and year out, every year Diwali becomes the most anticipated festival in a country where people get together in order to celebrate the victory of light(brightness) over the dark. A festival where people of all cultures in this secular country get together and share happiness under a dark sky lit up with happiness and celebrations. Well, being a true Indian, I personally enjoy this festival for the display of fireworks, mega shopping offers and finally- some special sweets from my neighbors. So without much ado, Here am I (Sulaiman Sait), wishing you a happy diwali in my own poetic style.

Diwali fireworks .gif , that I captured

On a dark moonless night in autumn,
I see a nation adhere to its ancient custom.
to celebrate the deity of success and prosperity,
by thanking their almighty.

I see houses adorned with rangoli
and women dressed in fancy saree,
who make all kind of sweets and delicacies
that are never short of calories.

I enjoy the sight of kids playing with sparkles
while the grown up burst crackers like daredevils.
Evening sees the street arrayed with diyas, like a golden lace
leaving happiness etched on everyone's face

I await for the night sky,
to see rockets scream high,
that light up the azure with light,
letting the stars watch them in delight.

I quietly see the smoke rise,
leaving the clouds and stars with teary eyes,
that pour down their zinc and nitrate filled venom,
leaving a nasty end to the celebratory blithesome.

I silently wish on this moonless night,
that people take a serious plight,
to celebrate diwali in a way that saves mother earth
who's sharing and showing us light for all its worth

--> Sulaiman Sait

This year I pledge to share a Gharwali diwali along with my parents, family and friends, in a peaceful manner where we all sit together in different age groups and enjoy our conversations. I would love to taste those home made sweets made by my neighbors and friends who exclusively send it to us without fail. Here is Chennai, my neighbors usually send me in a packet of home made 'Muruku' - a crunchy home made snack along with 'adharasam' - a sweet delicacy made with milk and jaggery.

Ghar wali diwali is not complete unless you sit together for dinner, where special delicacies are made by the family ladies and aunties who can never fail in letting your taste buds wanting for more. The dinner is usually followed up with a sweet (usually ice cream and gulab jamun combination else gajar ka halwa) which sums up the course meal.

Some times Ghar wali diwali is not complete when we miss out on our loved ones, who are left busy, occupied else where. I see some aunts miss their kids and grand children, while some grand children miss their grandparents and parents in this face paced world. But, now no more missing... there is a solution, you can celebrate your Ghar wali diwali, and not miss your dear ones by gifting your family members/friends a memorable gift. All you have to do is visit and share your memorable diwali story inorder to gift your loved ones with a special diwali gift.

You can also check out this video, made as a part of this campaign. After all there is no diwali like a diwali with ones family.
So happy Ghar Wali Diwali......


  1. I love this entire post.
    So thoughtful of you mentioning about a serious concern for the mother earth. It's such a delight reading your poems.

    Happy Writing and yes, Happy Deepavali to you and family

    1. @Simran - thank you simran.. Glad you like reading my poems....
      Thanks for the diwali wishes and I wish you the same as well........

  2. Love the poem and image. Wish you a very happy Diwali. :)

    1. @Saru Singhal Mam --> thank you mam, for reading this blogpost and leaving a comment with your wishes... Happy diwali to you too mam:-)

  3. Very well written. loved your poem along with a write up. Happy diwali to you and to your loved ones. God bless you

    1. @Shetall mam --> thank you mam...! Thanks for your wishes...
      Happy diwali to you as well...!!

  4. Ah! I so love the poem and the message after I it. I wanted to write a post, but you know my situation. Hope you had a fantastic Diwali celebrations :)

    1. @SIS --> Thankyou....! I do know....
      Yes I did have a fantastic season celebration at home....
      TC :-)

  5. .ohh... a article which supports itself and contradicts itself... hard to write such article....good

    1. @Dr Jagadesh - rightly pointed our doc...It was never too easy to write about it....!
      Anyways thanks for the comment... Hope u had a wonderful festival season...?

  6. I love that poem. Very meaningful message. Diwali is one of my favorite holiday and we celebrate it, together with my family, with our friends and colleagues here in Australia. So looking forward for Diwali 2015. May you all have a wonderful celebration this year!


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