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     Im on a reading spree, yes... its yet another book that I have completed in this month. But, this time, I find another reason to read a yet another interesting book which is a part of a book review program by . Also, Ravi Subramanian is an author who needs no special introduction for his previous book have all been a major hit as well.

To begin the review - The cover of this book is so very well designed, with a small tagline "Is revenge a crime? " That very well suits the cover.
It's a 310 page thriller published by Penguin books, and I'm lucky enough to be one of those to get a signed copy from the author.

The Story plot :
The story begins with the death of an US senator following which is a major phishing scam at NYIB bank in India. Elsewhere in the US millions of dollars being stolen using a fake ATM cards from various ATM cards in the United States. On the other side of the plot revolves young couple Varun (a succesful young entrepreneur who leads an online gaming portal along with his dad )Tanya and their parents. Tanya's mother Malvika, the chairman NYIB is found dead claiming that she had comitted suicide on the night of her birthday. Elsewhere, the story details about the use of online currency (bitcons), that could be used to procure illegal items such as the dealings done via the cotton trail.
So what could be that connects the death of an US senator, the death of a bank chairman in Mumbai, the success of a game, a group of criminals pulling out the greatest ATM heist and this online currency (bitcons) ? You gotta read this gripping book to find out..
My review:
This is a so called first suspense thriller on Bitcons, and has a lot of information on it, showing the amount of research and efforts the author has put into writing this book. The first few chapter run away quickly and the story slowly starts losing its pace as the chapters progress, but nonetheless it keeps the reader gripped thought the read; And, in my case it left me restless wanting to know what happens finally in the plot. The best part of the book was that you gotta reach the epilogue to understand the real climax of how the events turned out, where you feel like all your story /plot ending predictions you made turn out to be false.

My Rating : 4/5
Why 4 ? I have previously read his works - 'if God was a banker' and 'The bankster', where his work is exceptional as well. It was not the similar kind of grip I felt in this book when the plot dilutes a little and makes the reader feel a little sluggish.

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--> Sulaiman Sait

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  1. Sounds interesting
    Nice review :)

    1. @Simran - Indeed it was interesting...
      Thanks for reading this review and leaving ur comment

  2. good to see this many people dont know about bitcoins and the scams behind it ...

    1. @Dr Jagadesh - Yes.. rightly said doc....
      and thanks for your comments :-)

  3. Started with the can relate with your review :D Keep writing



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