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Triumph of the truth

     We all make mistakes, there have been instances where we try to escape from our mistakes by constructing stories around it to make people believe it was not a mistake. We usually tend to tell a whole lot of lies as we build a plot to defend ourselves. But, 9/10 times it lands us in troubles and consequences which could be worst, just cause it wasn't dealt before. Here below, in this blogpost, I share an instance from my diary, when I was in class XII (12) where telling the truth at the toughest instance was a right thing to do...

    Everyone has tough times, especially when it comes to exams. Countless pages to read, hours of practice before we finally memorize important things which could define what we become in our future. But, the process of preparing for exam becomes a lot easy when you have better notes to read. My chemistry teacher had a collection of her notes, which she used for the last five batches that's saved a whole lot of students from failing. Not only did it make learning organic chemistry easy, but provided an insight to what is usually asked for the exam.

    She had handed over the note to me, so that I could read it to the class during a free period, which she asked us to sit in the class and finish with the notes. I promised her the same, that I would see to that everyone writes these notes before she comes for class the next hour. But, once I reached class no one was in a mood to sit and write organic chemistry in a free period though half yearly exams was a week ahead. The whole class started indulging in various other activities, and I started playing with my friends, from no were we got got a little mischief and started spraying and playing with water from our bottles and while I was trying to do the same, the bottle cap opened and fell right on top of the book, and smudged a whole lot of pages. The whole class came to a standstill seeing what had happened.

    I knew I was into serious trouble, if my Chemistry teacher comes to know about it. A lot of stories were cooking in my mind. My friends gave me a whole lot of ideas as well like - Say "you were drinking water and you had water aspirate you and when everything came out, it fell on the book". I didn't have to guts to even go tell her that it was totally my mistake. But, from somewhere I had this feeling to go admit my mistake. I left out of class, with numb eyes with the book in my hand and went on a lookout for her. I found her in the chemistry lab.
She called me "What happened Sulaiman ?"
I was stammering "Ma'am , Ma'am, Ma'am...."
I grew in courage, and went forward and told her what had exactly happened. I didn't have the courage to even look into her eyes after telling what had happened but was pleading sorry a hundred times.

    She was quite angry with me, I was waiting to hear something from her. She then said "Now that you have admitted your mistake and nothing can be done about this book, I want you to do one thing, so that you learn to be responsible and understand the pain that goes behind having notes like these - I want you sit in the library till evening and get all the notes for this chapter and it should be on my table by morrow morning". 

   I made a few quick strides to my class and collected my book and rushed to the library to complete an eighty odd pages chapter. I did as I promised and when I submitted it to her, she asked me to go ahead and take a class on this chapter. I did take a class, and when everything was over, I went back to her to get the best piece of advise I could never forget till date.

    I might not have those notes now, but when ever I remember her, I remember this instance which flashes in  my mind. Not only did preparing those notes make me understand them better, but they also made me score quite some numbers in the next few exams and also in my board exams.

     It was my sole effort to tell the truth, that benefited me. The triumph of the truth moment when telling the truth not only saves you from upcoming consequences, but can also make you become a gentleman, who would be respected for what he speaks.

This blogpost is a part of Kitna Chain hota hai na sachchai mein campaign from Kinley, in association with Indiblogger.
Here is the Kinley TVC, an yet another tale, where telling the truth makes one feel easy.

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  1. Very nice post. Gives us lots of positive message. Wonderful share. Loved reading it. Thank u for the share.


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