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    I know I'm a true chocoholic. It dates back to those days when my mom joined school as a teacher and I was in my kindergarten. Everyday she would get me a few chocolates that she'd get from kids in her school who celebrated their birthday and distributed chocolates. Even otherwise if she didn't get any chocolate my grandmother used to give me enough money to buy chocolates. The same habit has continued even till date, where I wait for my mother to give me chocolates when she returns home. If I'm late I know where to find them :P

     Based on my love for chocolate, is this poem - Life of a chocoholic...

I know, I’m a chocoholic
the biggest anyone could have ever seen!
I definitely need some daily,
Else, I’d turn stubborn and figurine.

No matter what be the chocolate
Dark, caramel filled or even a candy.
As long as it is chocolate
My day would be fine and I'd remain dandy!

Finally one day, I owned a chocolate locker
keeping the best from Swiss and Belgium.
I kissed and tasted them daily
until lately, I read about its problem

"It could make me diabetic," the doctor said
and could be a future cause for my death.
I’ve now decided to continue this shibboleth
and will eat chocolate till my last breath.

- Sulaiman Sait
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  1. Love is mightier than the death. And when it comes to chocolates it just overflows ;)
    A lovely poem. I like its title :)
    And look at this so innocent face ^_^


  2. ha ha sweet.!! Wonderful experience it is.!!

    Here's mine:
    Yamini Meduri- Its never the last

  3. Share some of them, you will find them sweeter. Nicely crafted. Best of luck.

  4. Chocolate makes our life heaven until the death. You are right! Eat chocolates daily and enjoy each and every day.


  5. life of chocoholic starts and ends with chocolate, as some chocoholics says put chocolate in my mouth when I die instead of Ganga water.

    My Blog-A-Ton Entry Raju'sChocolate

  6. That's the beauty of Chocoholic Life Bro :) All the best for BAT!

    Someone is Special - Life is a Chocolate

  7. Hahahaha...Sweet...I have the same problem... Can't eat but can't stop... Keep chocofying...



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