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To begin, let me tell you all the fact that I'm back on a reading spree after a long break. This time I started off with "Robin Cook's book - Death benefit" which has long been waiting on my " To read list"

This book is 264 paged, and is published by  Macmillian publishing house. The cover looks interesting and directly depicts an interesting murder mystery awaiting inside

The book is available in India at a reasonable price of 350 Rupees and can be downloaded as an E-book at a price 180 rupees via flipkart.


The story revolves around Pia Grazdani, an ambitious, smart and brave student at the Columbia Medical University who aims to find a future in Organogenesis (developing organs from stem cells and introducing them back into the body) under Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rothman and his assistant Dr. Yamamato as she looks to complete her residency in Internal Medicine and finish her elective at the Lab where she'd been working for last three years with Dr Rothman on his salamonella species project. 

Parallely, there invoves a wall street clash as ex business tycoons and investors discuss the impact this stem cell based research could have on their health care policies and plans. But, unfortunately Dr Rothman and his assitant are dead cause of severe Jaudince just days before what could be a major breakthrough in regenerative medicine.

Pia, shocked by all this, decides to investigate the whole incident along with her classmate George who is in deep love with her. As Pia investigates, she faces a whole lot of life threatening risks and challenging events from her past.

Does she succeed? Does she find who the murderers are ? is she able to punish them for they did to Rothman and her future ? How is the clash of wall street linked to this ?

Read, Death Benifit for the mystery to unfold


The story is a fast paced, page turner  and is well narrated through out the plot as two bright Medical students look to get involved in a high profile crime which looks to connect a seemingly diverse world of life insurance with regenerative medicine. The characters are well defined specially Pia's character which made my wanting to read more without keeping the book down. Also, the plot twists and the platonic relationship between George and Pia are a major highlight of this book.
There have been only a few incidences, where the lead character of the book stays in your mind for long. Like, Susuan Wheeler from COMA, similar is Pia Grazdani from Death Benifit - I eneded up having to develop a crush on this fictional character.


Why 4 ? Well, All I have to say is that the end seemed a little predictable. After reading COMA, FEVER, SEIZURE and CURE, somewhere it made me feel like Cook has lost his thrill in this book. I personally felt that the story ended so abruptly without following or concluding some of the subplots that it could leave a reader scratching his head "What next ?"


Though this isn't Robin Cook's best, but he doesn't fail to stand up to his title of being the master of medical thrillers. A must read for a die hard Robin Cook fan.

You can get your copy of DEATH BENEFIT, by clicking on the banners below


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