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Passing midst galleries of emotions,
flowing through tear filled oceans,
I see the world appear so inferno
leaving me behind like a callow,

Bewildered between my heart and mind,
Shattered are those dreams of mine,
Down shed my tears,
Unleashing those hidden fears.

On One side, I see the impostors survive,
Committing sins, then falsely shrive,
People point a thousand fingers towards you,
That's when you gotta overcome the subdue.

With a steadfast motto, I'll battle to raise,
To see a promising morning of sunrise
I'll strive to end the dark age
cause life is a perplexing umbrage

- Sulaiman Sait


  1. Life is like that... just when we start to comprehend, it acts strange :)
    All of us fight the same battle in way or the other but then moving ahead is what Life conveys. I like the ending. A nice read :)

  2. Don't go gentle into the moonlight
    Rage rage till the dying of the light. :)

    Similar confidence builder. Try 1 generic instead of referring to u as the subject.


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