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My Airtel App - My choice

    Everyone likes to remain connected on the move and the current generation are glued to their devices. To have such a connectivity it requires a good network connection that'll help to keep the work going flawlessly. I'm one from the current generation as well, who loves to stay connected be it twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or snap chat - I'm always there. If not via the social media I do remain connected with my friends via calls or messages.

A couple of days back I was travelling to Hyderabad with my mate for a conference and little did I realize that my internet pack was over and a small balance got deducted. I was in desperate need to connect to the internet on my tab to continue reading for my research presentation. The solution - My Airtel App - which came to my rescue. I was able to log in and immediately top up my balance and get my net booster done. The best part was that I got a special offers which gave me a full talktime and additional data.
My friend who was along side me, happened to see me do this and asked me to recharge his phone as well. He was lucky to get a full talk time as well.

Back home, the Airtel Saga continues, Airtel digital TV subscription was nearing end and I had to recharge to continue watching my favourite football matches - The solution - My Airtel App

The ease with which this app works make it really easy for one to chose their recharge type and make paymets with ease. So now you don't have to rush to a recharge shop or ask someone to do a recharge for you when the power of recharge is right in your pockets.

There are so many features I liked in this My Airtel App. But 3 features that I would say that makes it outstanding are:

1. Amazing offers directly to you with the shake of your phone

My Airtel App offers  you with customized special offers such as full talk time and added data and cash back, which would keep you going on and on for long. So when you get more for what you pay, why let it go ?? All you have to do to avail these offers is download the app, add your number and shake your phone to get daily offers. Isn't that interesting ??

2. My Airtel Surprises

My Airtel App surprises is something which is an added on benefit of using My airtel app. By doing a recharge it offers you a set of discount coupons and offers which you can redeem on other top online sites or stores. Some of the most popular brands which you can get offers from include Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Cafe Coffee day , PVR cinemas and lot more..

3. Ease of selection and secure payments

My Airtel App lets you select what you wanna do and lets you keep a track of your balances. Also on the other hand you can record TV programes if you have an Airtel Digital TV HD with recorded. And when it comes to payments, My airtel app comes with secure payments, which means one can make their payments without any worry.

If you are reading this and have an Airtel connection. Don't hesitate to download the My Airtel App your android now (

I have left some screenshots below...


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