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The Gang of Wonder Kids - Shetall Ramsinghani

After a long time, I've finally got back to my reading stride and I start this journey with "The Gang of Wonder Kids" by Shetall Ramsinghani, who happens to be my blogger friend as well.

P.S - I have written this review forgetting the fact that Shetall is a good friend of mine, so that I could do justice to the book and write a proper review.

To start off, the cover of this book is very attractive, showing that this is a book for kids. It is a 140 pages paper back book, available as e-book as well, published by Patridge India publishers and available at a reasonable cost of 299 rupees for the paper back and rupees 144 for the e -book (look for the banners below)


This story revolves around two brothers, Ujjwal and Utsav who are quite notorious, yet brilliant with their studies. They stay in Delhi along with their grandparents, while their father - an army officer is posted elsewhere. Soon a time comes when he gets a posting in Gujarat and the kids have to leave their grandparents to stay at the army quarters in Gujrat.

These kids get used to their new world along with their new friends Naina, Vikram, Manas and co. As time goes by these kids go through all those set of experiences which tests them at various stages. There are instances where the kids are made hostages for daily labor work, or instances where they get kidnapped, or face challenges in a magical forest and escape from the clutches of such activities learning some valuable lessons for life. How do they do it? What are their strengths ? What are the lessons they learn for life ? Read The Gang of Wonder Kids for more...


The book is fast paced and a good page turner with some wonderful narration. It was great to learn that the book was written on request from a kid. It is easily suitable for readers of all ages.There are added information on various geographical locations such as Dholavira (in Kutch - where my family belongs to) or Kodaikanal (In Tamil Nadu) which is very informative will keep the reader interested. I personally loved those quotes and messages on togetherness, family love and affection after every challenging instances the kids faced.I also loved the way the author has synced instances that the kids faced along with the transition of kids to early teens.



If you wanna read a book that'll take you on a time travel with some wonderful narration and leave you with a message for life - this is the book.

You can find the books here

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  1. This is a very precise review so I enjoyed reading it. The cover really looks very interesting. This book reminds me of the book, Famous Five which I read as a kid. :)


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