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    Every mother goes through an unbearable pain while she delivers a child. That's the only time you can see her smile while her child cries cause she knows that she has given birth to a live child. Same was the case with my mother when she gave birth to me after I was a breach baby. Like every mother she too had a whole lot of dreams with me and always wanted to see me become a doctor.

     But, my ill health saw me frequently getting admitted in the hospital and at a couple of times my parents were very close to loosing me; and above all I was dyslexic and a slow learner during my school days. My mom was a teacher and had to leave school to take care of me and she did it very well.

    She ensured that I could match along with other kids and on par with them and every time I was able to achieve something like that it was a special moment for us at home. Be it the first time I came first in a running race or the being the winner at fancy dress competition during school. I still remember those Khushi ke pal following those tonnes of efforts put by her.

     At times I used to get a lot angry.But, mom knew how to calm me down. If I was angry with her she would somehow manage to make me laugh and forget my anger. I still remember those Khushi ke pal when my mom used to call her self as my friend and we used to play tic tack toe and dots and dashes to have a timepass during the evenings.

      Schooling wasn't easy for me, I had to brave through with a lot of difficulty. I still remember crying every time I had to study, but my mom knew the knack to make my finish my portions. When the results used to come, there used to be celebrations at home and mom always took pleasure in getting me what I wanted, I still remember those Khushi ke pal playing with those toys and stuff I got in return for my results and within no time I remember passing out of school.

     Just when Mom felt I have retained enough maturity she joined back her school and sideways decided to continue her education as well. I still remember those Khushi ke pal when she did her M.A English Literature I sat along side her and used to read lessons for her when she was tired, Its what I picked up from those lessons that made me develop interest in reading and writing. I also remember those Khushi ke pal when she used to come back from school I would always find a chocolate in her purse.

      During school, I remember those Khushi ke pal sitting and watching cartoon with mom, she did enjoy them for my sake. I also remember her telling me storied every night and keeping me updated on events that happened around the world

      Passing out of school and joining a profession she wanted me to join was yet another happy moments, every year as I passed through we celebrated Khushi ke pal and the biggest of em all was finishing my final year recently. I gave my speech with tears filled in my eyes explaining my journey, I'm sure this was the only time after my birth my mom has smiled seeing me cry and it was something really special for me.

My life has been like a tight rope walk, my mother has been the balancing stick while dad always ensured that the rope never went loose. My mom knew the art of buddy parenting and has seen my scale new heights which I'm continuing till date. There have been certain sad instances and a whole lot of happy instances after all life is a mixed bag of emotions. The biggest o all Khushi ke pal for me was seeing my mom always being there for me and celebrating those Khushi ke pal by becoming a person she always wanted me to be.

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