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Our body is like a complex machine which performs a variety of functions to keep us alive, and it becomes our duty to take care of our body and our health.

There goes a very famous saying as well "health is wealth" and the key to maintaining a good health is by monitoring what we eat and see that there are enough nutrient as well to keep the body's systems well tuned.

Weather you are trying to lose weight, maintain a diet, looking to get in shape or just planning to live a healthy life- eating a well balanced diet can help you achieve it. A balanced diet has enough calories, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates to keep you fit and fine. Well,  here are some of the benefits of healthy diet

Boosts energy and helps stay recharged
A proper health sneaked along with enough nutrients can help you stay recharged for a whole day giving you enough energy to perform your daily activities in a day. Right diet at the right time can also help train your body to work more and challenge your daily limits.

Prevents illness
A proper and a balanced diet has always shown to improve quality of life, where as the world outside is facing a raising threat of obesity, which not only affects the health of an individual but makes him/her a victim to other serious disorders such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes at a young age.
A proper diet also helps produce the right immunity to combat various illness

Good mood and helps stay happier
A proper and a balanced diet has a lot to do with the neurotransmitters in the brain which control various moods. Studies show that an empty stomach could make one feel irritated while a full stomach could make one feels sleepy. A proper diet can also help you concentrate and stay focused as well.

Control weight
Maintaining a proper weight is very important and eating the right diet with proper quantity of nutrients can help avoid gaining up of extra pounds. Increased weight not only affects health but becomes a burden to perform regular daily activities. A right diet helps keep your mind away from the need for dieting

Yes.... Dieting..
Crash Dieting or dieting might be seen as a way to reduce weight in a short period of time, and has become a trend among youngsters today; but dieting without a proper knowledge can compromise on essential nutrients and ones health as well.
Many people opt for a crash diet just by starving or eating lesser meals. A proper diet includes having an optimal calorie intake along with proper exercise.At times its always important to have a control over our taste buds and say no to a few things.
The biggest victim in out diet is carbohydrates (sugars) which is usually seen in soft drinks and junk food and they silently add extra pounds of weight in an indivudual. So, its important to reduce carbohydrate and fat intake.
In some cases substituting high sugars and carbohydrates with honey can do the trick. Honey diet does not only provides the sweetness, but regulates the calorie content as well along with it health benefits which include helping digestion, fighting cough, cold, building immunity, producing anticancer properties and so on... So don't forget to add a spoon full of honey to your diet.

To conclude this honey sweet post, let me remind - it's always important to have a healthy diet and to have a proper knowledge of the contents in our food- (ie. know what to include and what not) . If one is has decided to go on a diet they should learn to be calorie conscious and chose a proper diet plan or consult a dietitian for an opinion, after all nothing is more precious than ones health.

Eat healthy, live well...


  1. I loved this post. I can totally trust this as it comes from a Doctor's mind. :)

    1. Haha... Thank you @Namrata ji :-) Glad you liked it :-)


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