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To begin, let me introduce you to Ganga Bharani. She been a wonderful friend of mine, a co blogger, a passionate writer and a short film maker besides working in an IT company trying to meet her hectic schedules. This is her second book after Just You, Me and A Secret (click to find the review).
But, before I go deep into this review, let me tell you I had to temporarily forget the fact that the author was my friend so that I could read the book more comfortably so that I do justice to the book and write a proper review.

The cover looks good with the image of a cop and a clock indicating 5 'o' clock, which relates to the insights of the story. The book has a mere 118 pages, costing about 175 rupees and is published by Half Baked beans Publishing house.

The story begins at a crime scene where a young girl is found hanging at her residence and a wrist watch stopped at 5'o' clock. Following which a crime scene begins involving Inspector Rohan, A no nonsense veteran cop, who is assisted there by his love - Riya, who's ambition is to become a famous writer. As the investigations go deep, a few instances and clues come forward. Halfway through the case, another similar incident of suicide is reported with similar clues - confirming this was not a case of suicide. As the investigation goes further it becomes a lot challenging for Rohan. Does he find out who the murderer is ? What was the connection between these identical murders ? how does the investigation go further and how does the clue help reach the murderer finally ? Read "A MINUTE TO DEATH" to find out

The story is fast paced, gripping and definately un-put-downable. The plot seemed so well planned with a limited character that were really well defined adding on to some wonderful narration that makes you doubt if you were actually reading the work of an Indian author. The chemistry between Rohan and Riya was wonderful and the author managed to shuttle well between the crime scene and moments of romance between the couple; But, above all was the nail biting finish and an un predictable end that adds the highlight to this book. 

4.5/ 5 


A MINUTE TO DEATH  is one of those special books that could just make your day. If you are some one who loves reading mystery novels and are on a lookout for a book which can give enough twits and twirls keeping the mystery preserved till the end, A MINUTE TO DEATH has to be it.

The book is releasing on 23th July... and you can grab a copy of it from leading online mega stores (links will soon be updated below)

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  1. My excitement level got dubble after reading your review. The plot sounds too interesting. Will start reading it today :)


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