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Everyone around has a phone these days, not just a simple phone but a smart phone. Smart people come up with smart choices, but what defines or rather highlights an individual these days is phone he/she carries

Be it iOS, Android or Windows - everyone has their own choice, but in this blogpost I'm writing about an upcoming Android phone which will leave you with no other choice;but, to grab one and what would I do if I could grab one of these Champs.

Well then, let me tell you The Champ is Back and this time bigger and better with features that will leave you mesmerized. It is a phone with a legacy of its own, carrying the pure loaded android clan of being the first to be released in the series with Android Marshmallow reloaded and guaranteed updates. A 5.2 inch full HD LCD screen with optical resolution of 423 ppi and corning gorilla glass that will keep you tension free from screen cracks. A 12.3 MP full HD wide aperture camera assisted with laser will never let you miss a shot. A phone which will give you lightening fast processing power with 1.8 hexa core processor and speedy fast connectivity with 4G being enabled. Light weight and long enough battery will never let your hands feel the pain.

Wondering which phone am I referring to as the champ ? Well, let me raise the curtains then and give you a sneak peak into a phone which is gonna revolutionize your experience. Its the LG Nexus 5X.

Not only does the phone come pre loaded with google apps, but it also gives you enough freebies and customization options that will make you stand out from the others.

Isn't it really a Champ ?

How I really wish to get my hands on this and perform some of the following tasks at a much faster pace to keep me connected with my readers and friends

1)  Create an app for my Blog

Its been my long time wish to have a mobile app for my blog and using developer tools and stuff on the new Nexus 5X that runs the latest android version I would wanna experiment on all the available app developer codes. I hope the wonderfully lit screen and a 1.2 GHz quad core processor that would help me easily work on my codes and testing. Not only will making this app make me progress as a blogger but give me a chance to interact with my readers whom I always value a lot.

2) Live Periscope and Fame conversations with my readers

For any blogger his social presence is always considered as a boost. For some one like me Blogging and making podcasts have become a part of my weekly schedule and every time I record a podcast I get some really good response form the listeners. To keep this trend going I would like to put the new LG Nexus 5X  to full use by doing live periscope and Fame based interactions with my listeners. I would also love to use this to promote my upcoming book

3) Create a style statement of my own

     Even before I could get my  LG Nexus 5X phone in hand I can imagine how its gonna change the way people look at me. To create a little more vibes I have decided to team up the phone looks with accessories which could match my daily formals and I'm sure this phone is gonna turn into an eye magnet amongst the masses.

I'm sure after going through this blogpost you would definatly wanna own this  LG Nexus 5X a champ of its own.

"I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda"

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