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     Our lives in the city have become a lot stressful and every other person we see is busy in their own world. Gone are those days when kids used to enjoy playing in the garden and parents used to spend time along with them getting some fresh air. Sadly, Gardens have diminished and our kids these days are busy playing online games or games on consoles else watching cartoons on TV. Young adults are busy studying or can be seen hooked on to their mobile phones almost all through the day. Married couples on the other hand can be seen trying to sweat their way out to earn a living for themselves so that they can combat with raising expenses to run a family. Elderly and the most experienced people have their own reasons to be occupied as well, else loneliness kills them.

     They say the greenery from nature, be it plants, trees or grass and the blue sky above brings a lot of peace to mind. Sadly, This busy life that we live today is one of the main reasons why people have lost an idea how to connect with nature or take care of it. People have lost the Real togetherness that families had with nature and with each other. Gone are those days where families would get together in a garden or park, help each other cook, serve, eat or even go outside on outings with their families and most importantly share their sorrows and joy. Without a dose of nature from everyone's daily life, our minds have gone rusted.

     The most common reason for all this Stress, Tension and Tiredness. Everyone is more connected to themselves and their daily doings that they have lost the love and connection they need to show towards nature. Stress and Tension as everyone knows is one of the leading cause for most of the serious illness people face today, be it Diabetes, Hypertension or even a Heart attack. This stress is also the reason that the body doesn't get the right nutrients; hence, the mind and body gets tired.

     Is there any solution to all this, is there any way one can find a way to live a life which is free from all these tensions and ailments ?

The Solution :

    To me, the simplest solution is by developing Real togetherness with oneself and with nature A Real togetherness where people join hands and develop a connection with nature. A Real togetherness where people are not connected via internet, but through social bonds and see to that families get together, stay together, instead of staying as nuclear families. This will not only give a chance to mingle with their own people but also help them understand people better. A Real togetherness where families spend time building and maintaining a nature's den or a garden in their locality and spend time taking care of it by planting seeds and watch them grow. This will also help people develop a peace of mind, and by either meditating or sharing experiences of life people can get close to each other forgetting their differences. Real togetherness when everyone along in the neighborhood share the same brotherhood and come forward to help each other.
To bring about this change Kissan India has come up with this Real togetherness initiative which will surely help people make some changes in their life and help them stay connected with nature and themselves.

Real togetherness to me is all about staying together with nature and building our own peaceful new ecosystem by planting seeds of joy and grow fruits filled with colors of happiness and surroundings free from stress and tension.

Here below is a Commercial which will help understand Real togetherness

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