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To begin, let me introduce you to Ganga Bharani. She been a wonderful friend of mine, a co blogger, a passionate writer and a short film maker besides working in an IT company trying to meet her hectic schedules. This is her Third book after A minute to death and  Just You, Me and A Secret (click on the book titles to read the review).

But, before I go deep into this review, let me tell you I had to temporarily forget the fact that the author was my friend so that I could read the book more comfortably and do justice to the book before I write a proper review.

Designed by the publication house, the cover of this book looks really looks good as it portrays the essence of the story with a coffee cup and a couple holding their hand in romance. The book is 151 paged with 21 chapters that promises to keep you gripped till the end. The book costs 175 rupees and is published by Story Mirror publication house.

The story revolves around the two protagonists (Avanthika and Gautham) along with the author ( a character in the book) who narrates the story. The story starts with Avanthika falling in love with Gautham at first site in her 5th grade and as the story progresses, Avantika develops feelings for Gautham and with time Gautham feels the same for her. With every grade they pass they become close to each other. They used studies as a reason to get close to each other and spend time building their puppy romance. But, then comes a time when Gautham moves to a different school after his 10th grade and these two lose contact only to get back to meeting each other later in life. What happens next ? Does the love prevail ? Does Gautam marry Avanthika ? Does Avanthika get to see the dream husband she desired for?. Read A sip of Love and A sip of coffee to find out....

The story is fast paced, gripping and definately un-put-downable. The plot seemed so well planned with a limited character that were really well defined adding on to some wonderful innovative narration that makes you feel like you are at the other end of the table with a coffee mug in hand as the story is narrated. This unique narration with the author being a character in the book is something you'd rarely find. Its a definitive stand out thing which will help in connect with the book.
The chemistry between Avanthika and Gautham was wonderful and the author managed to shuttle well between the character interactions and moments of love between the couple; But, above all was the wonderful conclusion to the book with a beautiful message that adds the highlight to this book.

4.5/ 5 


A SIP OF LOVE AND A SIP OF COFFEE  is one of those special books that could just make your day. If you are some one who loves romance genre and are on a lookout for a different story away from the usual masala stuff, with enough content to keep you hooked till the end it has to be "A sip Love and a sip of Coffee"

The book release was held on May1st 2016 at AVM studios Chennai and would soon hit bookstores both online and offline. Do keep your wallets ready to grab this book.

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